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Friends with Benefits @ Rats [Rotorcraft Flashback Electro Set]


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Ello lads, Mitch and I are bringing the feels with some of our favourite tracks from 2000-2010 tomorrow night at Brown Alley.

Spacey Space is on headline duties, and for those of you that have heard the name before - you know he is Melbourne royalty.

@Cupe, @LabRat etc, if you're keen to come down for a bev hit us up for free entry.





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4 minutes ago, Cupe said:

ah right


fark that's way past my bedtime :x

All g chief.
We should have a Sunday arvo gig coming up in Feb some time.

They're pre chill and usually have guster food things :megusta:

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15 minutes ago, LabRat said:

Possibility. May be cutting shapes at cloud but will let ya know 

Ew :cry:

Well we're just down the rd so let us know m8!

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