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  2. [Rotorhat intensifies]
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    Welcome my dude
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  5. The next problem for sure will be whether plugins and drivers will work. I'm on Catalina and for the most part everything works pretty well. Non music related but I've also switched to using apples native office products like pages etc. MS Office apps still work but it looks like they'll only. be supporting the web-based and 365 versions from now on. Just another thought for other software.
  6. Teiji


    Hi, Just getting back in to listening and collecting great music. Came across this forum and thought i'd join. See you around.
  7. I tend to stay a couple of revisions behind. Still on Mojave for the music stuff, and run a separate OS install for work/daily browsing. I suspect Ableton Live 11 will have M1 support in some form when it’s released in the next couple of months... Many have said both v10 and v11 beta are running OK with Rosetta 2, but there’s likely many audio interface drivers and VSTs which may not work.
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  9. If anyone is thinking of updating to Big Sur or upgrading your system to a new Mac with the M1 chip you may wish to hold off a little longer, unless you're using native Apple apps such as Logic Pro, Final Cut etc. I'm on the look out to do both, update my MBP to Big Sur and invest in a Mac mini with the M1 chip. I've been keeping my eye on what's compatible and what isn't and nothing much has changed in the last month or so, so I would suggest if you're thinking of doing the same just wait until maybe mid-year. In the meantime, if you're interested, jump onto Roaring Apps and search the applications you often use and their compatibility with Big Sur and with the M1 chip. New technology is exciting but also a massive pain in the ass for existing software. Hope this little tool helps anyone looking to upgrade.
  10. Thanks mate - bringing it back for 2021! Appreciate the repost .
  11. Rotorcraft is back! Will have a listen on tomorrow's drive
  12. Welcome to the hot zone bruh
  13. Hey fam, Been a while since I posted one of these. Hoping to do one each month. As things start to reopen down here, I greatly appreciate any social media action as I try to get some bookings + post any feedback below of course. Stay .
  14. Welcome (fellow Melbourne resident here)
  15. Hi, I was motivated to join up because i've long had tech talks to myself and I'm looking to update my kit a little in the next few weeks. I'm rocking three 1200's (with one spare), four channel Denon X1100 analogue mixer and an XDJ RX mk1 - not at the same time. The XDJ has been my first proper introduction to navigating Pioneer and invaluable in so much as portability. Previously, I was keen to retain the moving platter vibe (which involved a dalliance with a Traktor DVS for a while but I got burnt playing a gig and lost the love). DJ'd in Melbourne starting in 2000, had a long run in regional NSW (which strangely paid better but the catch was there were no DJ booths or decent PA). Cut my teeth with minimal house, tech house and breaks in the 00's and then got deep into soul, funk, disco when up in the sticks doing breweries and weddings in the 10's. I've culled many records, still in the process, but retaining what I personally consider gold that I can listen to at home or play out. After lockdown in Melbourne I've decided that DJing, the gigs and the people invigorate my soul, central to my wellbeing and I want to invest more mastery time into the craft. Particularly with turntables and learning outboard effects. I'll be posting soon with my thoughts as to what I am thinking of doing and welcome suggestions from those who are learned in the ways of DJing with a tweaky difference. I may produce one day but there are too many good tracks out there to muddy the waters with meagre offerings. I will however start collecting samples with haste!
  16. Hi, I made a progressive trance track similar to Ben Gold, Gareth Emery, Tritonal and Jochen Miller old styles (e.g. Starstruck, Exposure, Slave, Lost Connection), released on the trance label Venge Recordings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqJALZSUDNQ If you like it I would appreciate if you would share it :)
  17. Came across this article - I wasn’t aware you could order instruments and effects to put the most used ones at the top! https://audioordeal.co.uk/ableton-features-you-didnt-know-that-you-probably-should/
  18. Cheers Mitch, Yeah all is as expected in brexit/lockdown land. Hope you are all rolling with it too.
  19. This is good stuff! Hope you're keeping well my friend
  20. ey up. Long time no viddy. I did a thing for work. Some of you might be interested. Some others may learn something new. Each one Teach one.
  21. https://www.ableton.com/en/live/ Come at me comping and macro improvements
  22. Hey everyone. This is a track I made for a remix competition, except I finished it too late haha, I decided to put it up anyway since I really like it. I hope you guys can listen to it, your support would really mean so much to me. I wish you guys all the best. Owen.
  23. The 2000's for the usb were great. Definitely made taking your collection from venue to venue so much easier. Everything after that became wank and it was Pioneer cashing in on the market. Fair play to them but I feel this thing isn't required
  24. Yeah I can’t see many places adopting these until the current units start to fail/need replacing. Nothing compared to the CDJ1000 -> 2000 where they introduced USB sticks (i.e. game changer).
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