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  3. Moved to buy & sell section. Please post approx. location so people know where they'd have to pick item up from
  4. Brand new in sealed box Akai Pro AMX mixer with Serato pro Dj license included $299 please ring on 0450495105 also have Numark PT01 scratch Switch $15
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  6. Quentin Hiatus - INQNH Vol. 6 [Free Love Digi] Ancient and unborn sparks, hear me now as I relate the tale of the firstborn son of Quintonius, the sage you know as Quentin Hiatus. He grew in the womb as a thought in the mind, springing forth like Athena from the skull of Zeus. As a young spirit, he ran with the Wolfpack, taught each day to Ride the Snake and Jump-Off from the jagged cliffs of hesitation. Earthborn children told stories and called him Beastman, scurrying into the night in fear of him. As the years past, he cultivated the Solo System and emerged from the wild, determined to Experience the Mysterious. Guided by the great master Sophos, he mastered the art of Formtranse. Quentin Hiatus - I'm Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 6 [Free Love Digi / FLD066] 01. Quentin Hiatus - Episode 2 (Original Mix) 02. Quentin Hiatus - Back Stabbin (Original Mix) 03. Quentin Hiatus - Excuses (Original Mix) 04. Quentin Hiatus - Savage Levels (Original Mix) 05. Quentin Hiatus - Get Off Me (Original Mix) 06. Quentin Hiatus - Expert Opinion (Original Mix) 07. Quentin Hiatus - Sleepy (Original Mix) 08. Quentin Hiatus - Simone's Game (Original Mix) Direct Download (from label): https://lbl.gr/H3fwzc Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/episode-2-original-mix/2747428 Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/free-love-digi/sets/quentin-hiatus-im-neither-3 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreeLoveDigi
  7. Solace - Occam EP [I:A / Inception:Audio] - Drowning In Shadows Ethereal pads and beautifully haunting reverbed vocal build around deep sharp breaks surrounded by growling modulated bass. Brings a darker element to this absolutely stunning track. - Occam's Razor Moody soundscape grabs your attention before the devastating low-end steals the show. Dark and dirty drums pair with a nasty grinding sub bass with rolling tribalistic energy. Touches of vocal to add some interesting bites. - Deep Roots Submerged atmospheres lay in the foreground along with some ruthless scuttling drums, showing depth with its low-slung bassline. Brilliantly manipulated vocal sample make a truly infectious groove and a monster of a track. - Made Me Things get dark and deadly and effortlessly sleek. Clear crisp shuffling drum patterns and a bassline which gently distorts and morphs. Each sound echoes around the deep omnipresent bass, surrounding you completely. Solace - Occam EP [IA017] 01 / Solace - Drowning In Shadows 02 / Solace - Occam's Razor 03 / Solace - Deep Roots 04 / Solace - Made Me Look for this one at digital stores via: https://inceptionaudio.bandcamp.com/album/inception-audio-ia017-occam-ep https://www.beatport.com/release/solace-ep/2760964 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio/sets/i-a-inception-audio-solace https://open.spotify.com/album/1l42x1Vapx2GEZRhzjhUio ** Follow to support: https://inceptionaudio.com https://soundcloud.com/solacednb
  8. Thanks for everyone's help. I have a few mixes on youtube and I going to be adding more soon. My youtube page is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRLgPTdqOkchXpm3djva_w
  9. Now Traktor is working post some mixes!
  10. SSD is definitely the way to go these days! Hope it continues to work for you without trouble going forward 👍
  11. I took it to a computer specialist and I had an SSD installed and I still have my old hard drive. Traktor and my music are on the SSD and all my other files are on the old drive. The SSD is really fast and the computer people said that having Traktor on the SSD would probably stop there being any performance issues as the SSD is fast. Also, they cleaned up the laptop and changed the settings for maximum performance. So far I haven't had any problems but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  12. This is probably more for advanced users, but I personally dual boot my laptop with one install for work and general day-to-day stuff, and the other install dedicated to music-related stuff. This is for two reasons: Each install is optimised for purpose. Performance is optimised for music software, no additional programs in the background reducing performance Removes distractions when working on music stuff. This is only a mental thing, but good not to have notifications coming through etc. Some general things you can check on your PC: As Beatless said, ensure all your power settings are set to max performance when DJing Do a restart of your PC right before you start DJing, this ensures minimal stuff is running in background Remove all unnecessary programs from PC startup Check and update system drivers Check and update Windows Check and update Traktor software
  13. Would take it if someone wants to post it out to me haha
  14. Yo somebody in Sydney grab this DIY fixer upper and post your progress
  15. Hello. Old flatmate left this mixer here a few years ago, but doesn't want it back. It powers on, but the screen is garbled. I haven't done any troubleshooting beyond that as I don't know much about the system. I understand you can replace the screen quite easily, but I can't confirm if that's actually the issue. In any case, it would be good for parts or repair if anyone is handy enough to fix it up. Appears to be in decent physical shape, with floppy drive and a disk inside. All knobs are present and intact. I'm located in Waterloo Sydney and flexible in terms of time in case anyone wants to pick it up. Would prefer it to go to someone who could use it instead of simply tossing it to the recyclers.
  16. Hi Mark, It isn't unusual for a program to run into troubles and crash every once in a while. This has been a constant thing swinging producers and DJ's into the Mac industry, though I've seen the problems occur on both platforms Windows and Mac. Your best bet is to try and do as much on the computer as possible and do some practice at home to see if you can get it to crash again. There's a lot of things happening in the background between that controller, the program and the sound card in the controller all at once. Another thing with laptops: check to see if sleep and hibernate are off in your power settings. If the system wasn't rebooted cleanly for some time, this could be the easiest thing you can do. Sometimes where I've put the X - on the screenshot there's an option for a fast shutdown or Hybrid shutdown. If you have that, turn that off. Start an Elevated Command Prompt by clicking Start > typing "command" > right click "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator" Type powercfg /h off This will turn hibernate off as well and reduce you to shut down and restart only.
  17. It depends I guess. Overheating can be a range of weird shit. A hair in between a heatsync that moves for some reason, dust, other bullshit, applications churning harder than other times. Restarting does a lot of shit. For one it stops all running programs that have reached maximum thread or whatever. So you kind of wipe active processes clean and start over. Duno, you'll have to troubleshoot a bit
  18. Thanks for the advice, I will get the monitor programs and watch the temp but if the laptop was overheating, wouldn't the problem have happened more than once? After I shut off tractor pro and restarted it, the problem didn't happened again whereas I would have thought that if the laptop was overheating, the problem would happened again when I restarted traktor pro.
  19. Could be overheating. Get some software to minitor temps and run all your shit at once
  20. Hi, I have a problem but I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. I was DJing on the weekend for 6 hours and I encountered a problem I haven't had happen before. I have a traktor kontrol s4 mk 3 that goes through trator pro 3 that is on my hp laptop which is an I core 7 with 16gb ram. About 2/3 of the way through the set, the music just shut off and the software became unresponsive. I closed the program and restarted it and continued playing and the problem didn't happen again but that fact it happened at all bugs me. Given that after I shut off the program and restarted it, everything worked fine again, my thoughts are that maybe the program froze because there were too many process going on but I'm not sure as I'm not computer savvy. I've taken the laptop to a computer service shop and they servicing the machine to improve performance but what if that doesn't work or what if that wasn't the problem in the first place? Has anyone encountered this problem before and how was it fixed? I'm sorry the message is vague but I can't think of how to explain it in any more detail. If anyone can offer me advice, that would be much appreciated. Mark
  21. Personnage - Primal EP [I:A / Inception:Audio] 000000 A deep, atmospheric opening with sinister textures and bass stabs are soon joined by sporadic drum beats that build to a crescendo. From the unsettling mood to its sparse yet effective use of drums, this is a perfect example of Personnage's signature sound. INTERVAL Personnage brings the heat with a heavily experimental track. Listen out for breakbeat, drum n bass and techno influences along with the artist's own unique flavour. If you love music that blurs boundaries then this will get your mind racing. PRIMAL Prehistoric sounds blend with doses of science fiction to create a hybrid for the dance floor. Personnage utilises his arsenal of tribal drums, techno-inspired basslines and sinister swarm effects to grab your attention and not let go. "Primal" by name, "Primal" by nature. Personnage - Primal EP [IA016] 01 / Personnage - 000000 02 / Personnage - Interval 03 / Personnage - Primal Order here: https://www.beatport.com/release/primal-ep/2736805 https://www.junodownload.com/products/personnage-primal-ep/4303229-02/ ** Stream here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7F0I8UMiP1bZ3v7uHn3MP9 https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio/sets/inception-audio-ia016 ** https://inceptionaudio.com
  22. Weird. I'll try in a different browser
  23. can't play this for some reason
  24. I'm in Melbourne and vinyl weighs a ton. Duno how I can get at it. Soz bud. Maybe @CapFive @lloydc @dflux4 @Scottie or some other sydney lads?
  25. Carlingford I'm happy to sell them for like $5.00 a record or maybe less if you buy the lot. They are all good tracks with rythem no junk I promise you! 0416 114 487 is my mobile.
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