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  2. *drools*... wish i could justify buying these right now! Cannot afford. Moved to buy and sell section
  3. Got a pair of these for sale for $1200. For those of you who know this brand, you will know that the price is a steal. Only 6 months old, I'm moving abroad and can't bring with. Contact if interested. Based in Collingwood Melbourne Cheers
  4. Last week
  5. Thanks heaps my dude, no need to apologize! Glad you enjoyed it
  6. hahaha you might be right there @Mitch
  7. whoa! You might need to do a reintroduction yourself for some of the young ones @Tomy
  8. Welcome broooo I'm also from brissy
  9. Sorry man, listened to it when you first posted it but forgot to say anything Sounded all good to me, I wasn't listening super critically but it flowed pretty well, good energy about it and no obvious fuckups or trainwrecks
  10. I don't wanna sound pushy or anything fellas, but if i could get some feedback on this mix, I would luv u long tyme
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  12. yo
  13. QLD Reppin! Thanks man. If you're looking for a place to start production, focus on (a) basic music theory and (b) compression and EQ. There's plenty of stuff online for that, even free YouTube videos. Once you understand the fundamentals of that stuff, you can write tunes that sound (a) in key and (b) great across the stereo field. Well, that's my journey anyways. Hope that helps man. I'm actually trying to learn more about mixing/DJing to complement my production stuff. I'd like to start playing my own stuff out. Man I coudn't tell you what my genre is. Just whatever comes out These are the tunes I wrote during my "learning" phase: Peace!
  14. welcome
  15. Mixing in key is the only way to mix! As for the jew's here... I have a gift for you all in the Spitty's Random Finds thread
  16. Kodiak - Using Traktors key analysis (so the Xm/Xd layout) - I'm a jew so paying for MIK is out the question. And I'm also dubious about that platinum notes where it changes the levels of the tracks - just something about audio being re-processed. NitroMonkey - Haha, every whale and their mixing in key, yeah you have, trying for longer mixes with the breakbeats too, finding some dope bassline overlays. Yeah the S4 might have been clipping it down. I'll keep an eye on that next time and use volume on the speakers, cheers!
  17. yo yo brissy represent! What you producing dude? I'm trying my hardest to get from the mixing to production phase haha but just get overwhelmed with where to start! Welcome!
  18. Ha - thanks y'all
  19. Hello fella Used to be my hood up there #ValleyLife
  20. welcome man
  21. welcome mate
  22. fuuuuuuuuaaarrrk Changed my bloody URL so the link must have skitzed out Hope that works !
  23. Welcome!
  24. Hey There's a few on here from up your way. Hope you enjoy your stay
  25. Hey guys Just joined up yesterday, thought I'd drop and line and say hey Thanks for having me. I'm a producer from Brisbane. Anyone else from around here? Peace Ben P.S. Here's some of my early stuff on the ol' Unearthed profile:
  26. Out of curiosity what was everyone's thoughts on this mixing?
  27. Hey man, welcome aboard
  28. welcome dude
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