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  2. Check out my newest track if you get a chance please. Bit more energy through this one. Let me know what you reckon.
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  4. Another taken from us too soon, RIP Prodigy of Mobb Deep
  5. Artilect new EP & DJ Bailey Ressurection mix on Vivid Sounds Artilect delivers a banging deposit of a 4 track EP - Fractal! Strong, powerful, hardcore drum and bass-ism! ARTILECT (real name Dylan) began in Manchester–UK in the mid 1990s as a lover of hip-hop first. His passion for breakbeats lead him down the enticing road to Hardcore and Jungle music. An appreciation and admiration of all electronic music was developed during that decade, from Detroit sounds to Acid Techno, he soaked it all up. Fast forward to right now and this boiler pot of bass and beats, jolted by his obvious influences from dark and moody, yet luxurious sonics, displays scrupulous knowledge of drum & bass where influences from his first loves are evident. It’s all about the interaction of the elements that make these tracks so delectable. Drum and bass funk in its finest. Who can argue with the style and selection when you get on the Rupture DJ roster! Pre-order now Listen: 01. Artilect feat. Buda Mindset - Way Back 02. Artilect - The Beacon 03. Artilect - Prey 04. Artilect - Fractal Follow: And here's the legendary Bailey - Resurrection Mix This man needs no introduction. Resident Metalheadz DJ, co-founder of Soul In Motion Ldn, Serato Artist and Mi-Soul radio, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound Radio presenter. Bailey’s skills when he’s behind the turntables are shockingly fascinating, a true mixologist and staunch stalwart. This is why Vivid Sounds wanted him to do a mix compilation of tracks from way back when. Resurrection features tracks from Rufige Kru, Dillinja, Jonny L, Dylan, Danny Breaks, Nucleus and Paradox and more, and was released in November 2016. This mix garnered nostalgia from drum and bass heads around the globe as well as top star ratings from DJs and producers Listen: Buy now: Tracklist: 01. Rufige Kru - Lost Rufige 02. Saburuko - Cairo 03. Dylan - Desolation 04. Dylan - Witchcraft 05. Rufige Kru - Dark Metal 06. Nucleus & Paradox - Esoteric Funk 07. Nucleus & Paradox - Esoteric Funk Pt.2 08. Jonny L - Running 09. Dungeon Master - The Crawler 10. Danny Breaks - The Bear 11. Saburuko - London 12. Dillinja - So Damn Tuff 13. Dillinja - All Aboard 14. Jonny L - Spike 15. Nucleus & Paradox - Exoteric 16. Danny Breaks - Crime Mutations 17. Dylan & Damage - Bass Kick 18. Future Prophecies - Electronic Funk 19. Dylan & Mason - Bass Kick Remix 20. Future Prophecies - Bring The Noise Follow us:
  6. Having a listen on internal speakers and I like this. Nice and chill and the video is pretty cool too - even though it's just water haha
  7. Hey guys, Today I launched my YouTube channel - bristlesmusic. Here is my first release on the channel with a lot more on the way soon. Been in the works for a while and I finally feel like I've got a few tracks ready to go. If you want to subscribe feel free and as always feedback and ideas are welcome. Thanks for all the feedback and support so far, I've learnt a lot from everyone and really appreciate having an open forum to connect with people like me. Cheers, John
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  9. Been digging some of the stuff coming through on promo lately. Keep it up <3
  10. Hoping I can make this one. Unfortunately my future is a little unclear right now, so I'll have to wait and see.
  11. I'm loving this competition
  12. thinking about driving down and catching the spirit of Tasmania, make a bit of a extra trip out of it if. but depends if i can cbf with melbourne traffic
  13. I'm achaly in Aus for this, but have a wedding on in Melbourne. Think I missed this years meat by a week as well haha.
  14. cheap flights watch: jetstar are doing a sale on meattime flights until the 19th
  15. hi all, another day with the roland dj-808.......YES

  17. +1. Everyone gets a chance around here to learn how this place works. We're inclusive, not exclusive
  18. or maybe your 'witty' reply made them decide to go somewhere else. Derailed. Keep on Topic please.
  19. Hence my witty reply
  20. Hey guys, Haven't done house much for a while but in Bali at the moment and all the house here got me itching to try a new one. If you have a chance let me know what you think and if you have any feedback let me know!
  21. Nice try in the comp and nice mix.
  22. Yeah I hear ya.. I'm surprised how many people ask for feedback or ask a question and then just ghost. No thanks or replies.. strange etiquette
  23. This happens all to often mate. There needs to be balance, gotta give to take.
  24. feisty! This ^ I've found lately by changing things on the 3rd bar then the 8th or something like that will help it sound less repetitive. Rather than adding or taking something always 4 or 8 bars apart.
  25. have a sus. if anyone wants in on the Hi-tech Records promo list let me know.
  26. @BeatLeSS
  27. I think he means he keeps writing loops that are 4 or 8 bars long, and is having trouble going from that to an arranged track with some variation in it. I tend to start with a loop. Once I think it sounds cool I'll copy it and then add/remove elements out of it, and tweak parameters on the existing elements. If you listen to most dance tracks, they follow a similar pattern. As practice, try load a track you like into a channel in your DAW, and follow a similar arrangement to the track. To transition between loops, you'll probably want some one-hits and fx
  28. do you mean 4 beats to a bar? as in, are you trying to get out of a time signature that goes 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 or do you want to slice your samples that are 4 bars long?
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