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  3. Came across this last night. It's a bunch of Ableton fx and instrument racks made by James Wiltshire (Freemasons). All uses built-in Ableton stuff so you don't need any third-party VSTs to make it work. Pretty cheap so I might purchase and see how it goes https://www.f9-audio.com/products/f9-live-racks-parallel-suite?variant=32265842433.
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  5. Hey lab rat, very kind offer man... Thank you.
  6. Beterror & Bios Destruction - Amritsar EP [Sinuous Records] Sinuous Records welcomes back Beterror & Bios Destruction, two Ukrainian producers that are making waves within the drum & bass scene. With continuous support from Noisia Radio and numerous releases over the last year, this next release is the first EP for 2021, not only following ‘Generation.EP’ but also ‘Perch’ release in the latter half of 2020. There latest occurrence brings The Amritsar EP. 01. Our Horror Delivering a driving tune full of atmosphere and jungle inflection sounds, razor sharp drums and groaning bass modulations. Stuttering vocal cuts and sweeping synth create musical weaponry. 02. Sudden Eternity Shimmering pads with skittering percussion make for a dark focused groove. Crisp rolling drums and crunching bass textures make this one have depth and punch in equal measures. 03. Pressure Leading with hypnotic vocal hooks and punchy percussion, powered along by crispy drums and groaning weighty bass tensions, enough little touches to keep the energy flowing. 04. Armitsar Echoing FX hits and serious percussive precision combined with heavy hitting tech drums, including rib-rattling bass warmth it's dark yet full of subtle touches. 05. Phenomenon Delivers a sublime tech groove powered by sharpened percussion and warping neuro bass lines. Sparse drum rhythms, groaning bass and ominous FX hits a-plenty drive this one along at some pace. 06. Nonsense (Warm Roller Remix) This one is a rapid-fire head-nodder with an infectious vocal hook, before dropping into futuristic sounds, sharp breaks and growling bass. This is deep yet rugged. 07. Flui Keeps the percussion clean and sparse, injecting plenty of atmosphere via serene pads, its infectious drums and jagged bassline workout, paired with silky vocals make for an elegant tech roller. Sinuous Records / SIN047 01/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Our Horror 02/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Sudden Eternity 03/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Pressure 04/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Armitsar 05/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Phenomenon 06/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Nonsense (Warm Roller Remix) 07/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Flui Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://sinuous.fanlink.to/sin039 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/sinuous/sets/beterror-bios-destruction-amritsar-ep-premiere-sinuous-records https://open.spotify.com/album/1qCq1ciuIcWXdzo9Pmn9kD ** Follow to support: https://www.facebook.com/SinuousRecords/ https://www.viberate.com/artist/beterror https://www.viberate.com/artist/bios-destruction
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  8. For something to start with I'd say the DDJ200. Serato / Rekordbox doesn't look as intimidating as Traktor can
  9. Welcome mate. Not an FL user but I use Serum, Spire, most NI Complete stuff and FabFilter a lot. Happy to help out where I can
  10. Awesome... Will go now and check it out. Thanks.
  11. With Spotify dominating the consumer streaming market, less people are listening to mixes on Spotify etc... so if you can’t beat them, join them. Made a playlist for people to follow. Will keep it updated regularly with new tracks. Appreciate a follow if you are on the platform 👍. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3Tyoxp0HUtoypllBHUbf5G?si=2LcM-2uLQFeoe-Tdy7qH-w
  12. I would've loved this tech when I first started sampling for production
  13. Had a quick listen, you’ve got a few different styles on the go there. Some intro advice: Melodics is a New Zealand based software company which has a great app to teach finger drumming. Think along the lines of Guitar Hero but teaching you actual music on your own controller. It is compatible with the Maschine MK2 One thing I’ve found which helps with development/improvement is to not get hung up trying to work on a single track for too long. Work on something for a week or two max, make sure you “finish” (arrange) it, then move on. You’ll find the more tracks you start and complete, the skills will improve over time rather than trying to perfect the first song you make. Plenty of content in the music production section of the forum to browse through as well, and of course make a new thread if you’ve got a question 👍.
  14. Came across this software called “Spleeter” which is made by Deezer, which looks like a streaming company similar to Spotify. You can input a music file into the software and it will use some AI magic to split the audio out into four stems (vocals, bass, drums, and other). Potential for this tech is pretty huge for things like getting the vocal or bass line separated out for live three/four deck mixing, or even making unofficial remixes and using them in your sets*. The software itself is a bit of a PITA to get up and going by the looks of it (I haven’t done it yet), so it’s not that easy to host it on your own machine. There are some websites which appear available . Again, haven’t used these yet so not sure if they have any copyright detection built in, but they make it pretty clear that you shouldn’t upload stuff you don’t have authority over. Here’s a longer read from the vendor https://deezer.io/releasing-spleeter-deezer-r-d-source-separation-engine-2b88985e797e What’s even better, is someone online by the name of “Azuki” has made an Ableton Max 4 Live plugin which integrates the Spleeter tech right inside Ableton itself. You can see how this plugin works (as well as how good the software works) in the video below. *I don’t condone copyright infringement, nor does the software.
  15. Thanks. Fair enough, not really after feedback. You can delete.
  16. Welcome to the hood. If you want feedback or help better to make new threads outside the Intro section. That way it'll get better attention and stay on track.
  17. yeah before we moved and sold a bunch I probably had like 15 of them in different sizes. Still have about 5 or so.
  18. Here's a few snippets. https://filebin.net/kq0yq3fh3er76mge
  19. Hi Mitch, komplete has got a heap of different juices flowing and I don't know exactly what you would call what I am making at the moment... But I am enjoying myself doing it so that's what counts right! For most part, I am just trying to learn how to fly everything and learn technique. My drum patterns are weak as piss, I also have a maschine mk2 so going to spend a bit of time learning how to finger drum cause I have pretty tight timing and can play something better than I can write it. It's about the journey and not so much the destination, I am not looking for a hit, or even a gig. It's purely for my own adventure and mental health. It's about doing something for me for a change.
  20. DDJ 200 is nearly half the price of the 400 which makes it an easy choice if just going for the cheapest unit. Just note it has no sound card built in - it uses a splitter to separate the headphone out on the PC into to two mono-only channels to allow your separate cue and main outs. Hope that makes sense? the DDJ 400 (which has a sound card for separate stereo cue and main outs) and the Traktor S2 are a better comparison and a similar price. The Pioneer unit will probably be easier to get going on, + have a more familiar layout if/when moving up to larger equipment (larger pitch faders make it easier to learn beat matching), whilst the Traktor stuff is a bit more advanced. Either will be fine, but I’d lean toward the Pioneer unit in your circumstance.
  21. So, which would be better Pioneer DDJ200 or a Traktor Pro???
  22. Welcome 2020 certainly wasn’t great for anyone, including myself. Glad to see you getting stuck into some production, I’m taking some time off work to focus on some more production this year myself. What style of tunes are you making? Can’t help with anything FL (deep in Ableton) but do have Komplete.
  23. Hey everyone. Long story short, 2020 was an absolute sh*t of a year (for most). So for 21 I made the decision to build up a small studio. Been a long time, Atari, Cubase and hardware ruled the world. Bought a couple of laptops and an iPad pro, went legit with software and feel like I got raped in the process but am blown away with tech today. Learning to fly so here to find others and learn. NI ultimate, Omnisphere 2, FL, Serum, Spire, midi guitar 2 (roots are guitarist) and Fabfilter total bundle are what I am starting with. Got a NI S49 mk2. Hope your Easter break is going well.
  24. Yeah same here. I originally had a copy of Logic 9. Didn’t get too far into learning it as I started meeting people and everyone else was using Ableton, so it was just easier to jump on that so I could learn and collab easily. I doubt Ableton will include a pop out window/MIDI list item as the whole design aesthetic is so different.
  25. We have 4 of them in this house ha. All the storage optimisation.
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