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  2. If anyone is looking to buy speakers, then I am selling 4 Sound King FP0210A at less than half retail. You can see the ad on Gumtree here - https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/elsternwick/speakers/speakers-industrial-quality-excellent-deal/1219188684?posted=true They are pretty good. I am only selling them because I am closing the studio down and selling everything in here.
  3. Thanks mate, yeah that last track was a bit of an encore. Has a bit more of a 'trance' feel to it too.
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  6. Ahh fresh mixes! Digging the vibes man. Gave you a follow! What's this private rooftop bizness about?
  7. BeatLeSS


    It's one of those days.
  8. Some brands come with remote triggers too by the looks on some DJ stores. Maybe head in to your local shop to check them out. https://djcity.com.au/product/chauvet-dj-ac-w-wireless-smoke-machine-remote/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2v7mBRC1ARIsAAiw34-cOkl9ynaOAVBXGV_tfXmH5ZR-0dolDsIXRVJJGXTnol_0y1qiCIoaApqiEALw_wcB https://djcity.com.au/product/chauvet-dj-hurricane1200-smoke-machine/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2v7mBRC1ARIsAAiw34_u_ATTh0U5TRYQrH3BzKLi0EH8k4UD9fpdLtPuC1WIzX-7z1pYhEMaAmpYEALw_wcB
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  10. Updated first post so Soundcloud displays correctly. You can just paste the mix link then enter down to a new line and it does it automatically
  11. Hey man. I used to hold a residency at Home Nightclub in Sydney at their event called Sublime back in the day. Also used to DJ up Oxford St, The Cross, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Christchurch, Queenstown and even had a gig over in Thailand once. I started out with really old Denon dual deck CD players and first learned how to mix house/pop. I then transitioned to vinyl and found my love in mixing Progressive and Uplifting Trance. Made the transition back over to the Pioneer CDJ-1000MKIII's purely for convenience and have never really looked back. Since then, I have a daughter and really don't mix much out live anymore, but still keep in touch with the scene by recording my 2 running radio shows and mix on a Pioneer DDJ-S1 controller. Lately I have really prefered mixing a blend of Tech-House/Progressive House/Techno and still dabble in some Trance which I hold close to my heart.
  12. Thanks man, appeciate it. Hoping to better this weekend's mix! Cheers NitroMonkey! thanks for the support!
  13. Followed you on soundcloud mate, good work!
  14. digging this one man! making the paperwork much better this morning
  15. It's an interesting one. I don't know about the wifi thing but all the smoke machines out there can be triggered manually or via timer, so you switch it on and the machine will activate after a certain time for a preset duration which you've set. I'd say by now there'd be some apps to control these things. How much research have you done to see what's out there?
  16. Lots to learn from here for sure! And we're amazing 😉
  17. I am looking at a project. I need an "instant start" machine. So, when the power is turned on, the machine will start fogging without pushing a remote start button or level. I want to connect the smoke machine to a Wifi Enabled home automation switch. When this is activated the machine will start to fog? Any ideas?
  18. Evening! Below is the link to my most recent private roof top session recored live. Was a nice afternoon to throw some tech house around and I'm not going to lie, it does get a little sloppy in parts as the drinks were being consumed quckly 😂 >>>Soundcloud link<<< Let me know your thoughts on the mix, constructive criticism is alway welcomed. Also if you can throw a like, repost or follow it'd be much appreciated 🤙
  19. Seems like there is some experience floating around here!!
  20. ERRRRRRRRGGGG, wrong link, please use this one: https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-013-recorded-live/
  21. Here is my latest instalment of this show. https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-012-recorded-live/
  22. Did the #housewerk the other day needed some tunes.
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