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  3. A precision mixer that offers high performance and better reliability. Comes with Power Cord. Used but all works well. Last used a year ago. Minor scuffs. Must go as I have no use for it and it's gathering dust. The TTM 54i Performance Mixer is a precision instrument designed for the demanding DJ. Offering more features, higher performance, and better reliability than other Performance Mixers. A precision Active Crossfader with continuous adjustable "Contour" and “Hamster” reversal controls. Provides the lowest feed-through, lowest noise, and most responsive control, all with unprecedented reliability. High performance Accelerated-Slope, band-split 24 dB per octave tone controls provides more than 40 dB of Bass and Treble cut without affecting the vocal midrange. Two Phono and two Line inputs with high quality, long-life clickless transform selector switches. Balanced Mic input with Bass and Treble tone controls, and an independent Effects Loop. Balanced ¼" TRS and unbalanced RCA Master Outputs. Headphone monitor for Master program allows rehearsal with Master level turned down. Pick up Preston. $520
  4. PA have some ridiculous sales sometimes. I get an email every day with plugins cut to around 80% off. Definitely worth being apart of
  5. Just picked up "Metric AB" for USD40 (normally 200) https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_metricab.html. At this price I definitely recommend for mix referencing - it just provides a cleaner/faster workflow compared to what you can do natively in your DAW. Heaps of other stuff on sale as well if you have the urge to buy more plugins.
  6. More Perth people! Are you north of south?
  7. Hi, I'm selling the following equipment for a relative (retired musician): Samson MPL 1502 15 Channel Stereo Mixer - Excellent Condition Boss Digital Reverb / Delay RV3 - Excellent Condition 2 Sherwood Speakers LSS-5109 115cm height - requires amp 2 Sony SS-TSB109 Speakers 120cm height - requires amp Pictures available for all. More information available for all. All can be purchased together or separately. Contact me.
  8. Looks like the embed function broke. Might have to update the software soon.
  9. Heya. No app but you can save websites to your home screen and turn notifications on. That may help. Otherwise we're kinda old school at the moment.
  10. Aw nice that's good to know! Just wondering as I'm pretty slow to log onto the laptop and see notifications on here. Is there an app or a way of getting notified of messages/being able to reply quicker?
  11. Native C - Shaman / Sacred Geometry [Ctrl+Alt+Del Audio] CTRL+ALT+DEL Audio proceeds with another release from the UK based artist Native C! CTRL+ALT+DEL AUDIO - CTRL002 01 / Native C - Shaman 02 / Native C - Sacred Geometry Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://ctrlaltdelaudio.bandcamp.com/album/ctrl002-shaman-sacred-geometry https://www.beatport.com/release/sacred-geometry-the-shaman/3400397 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/ctrlaltdelaudio/sets/ctrlaltdel-audio-native-c-sacred-geometry-the-shaman-ctrl002-1 https://open.spotify.com/album/16yp35KgLyLj6XP7IhDQAq ** Follow to support: https://www.viberate.com/artist/native-c https://soundcloud.com/ctrlaltdelaudio
  12. Hey all, This month I have a mix recorded live from my set at Glamorama Bar last month (pre-lockdown). Enjoy 🎧. https://soundcloud.com/rotorcraftmusic/live-glamorama-9-may-2021 (not sure why auto embed isn't working on this link 🤷‍♀️)
  13. Few guys from here are located in Perth @OxyKon @LabRat @wrxfiend
  14. Thank you :) I'm actually a pom but I now live very happily in Perth!
  15. Kit Curse & Parasite - Scared/Primal Fear [Inception:Audio - IA026] There was a strange beacon that we noticed pulsing from an almost hidden sector of the Germany region of the planet: Earth. We noticed it was from two assets we had previously identified as Kit Curse and Parasite. Once we were able to retrieve and unscramble the communiqué, we created this archive to serve as a recorded marker of the darker recess of human emotion. The files are as listed below: SCARED You can decipher a combination of frozen artic air and the cold glowing electrical fuzz of a failing satellite once used in an early warning system during primitive human combat. The tribal drums move along as a lurching form of intimidation and exploration. A woman’s voice comes over the transmission asking “Are you scared now?” followed by sweeps of percussive hits and sparse mid range squelch like bass stabs. Tension moves in and out of the programming keeping you on edge for what could be waiting for you in the shadows. PRIMAL FEAR Continuing where the last track ends, the listener finds himself or herself navigating a minefield of electrically charged pulses and arches. The percussive programing is still stripped back and cautious but not lacking for movement. Along the way there are whispers of those who have gone before us and who have fallen victim to their own fears. Inception:Audio - IA026 01 / Kit Curse + Parasite - Scared 02 / Kit Curse + Parasite - Primal Fear Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://inceptionaudio.bandcamp.com/album/ia026-inception-audio-scared-primal-fear https://www.beatport.com/release/scared-primal-fear/3390620 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio/sets/kit-curse-parasite-scared-inception-audio https://open.spotify.com/album/65qaVrgLUpjKvwmLIA0MMG ** Follow to support: https://inceptionaudio.com https://www.viberate.com/label/inception-audio/beatport-analytics
  16. Let's crank up these play numbers
  17. Link no longer works unfortunately Soundcloud (you can get a free account) is the way to go for uploading tracks.
  18. Thanks m9 Everyone else out there, appreciate any listens/likes as it looks like they’ll be more favourably considering the sets with more attention on them - only 10 entries will be selected. I think I offer something unique to a lot of the other entrants.
  19. Welcome Feel free to ask any questions here. There's no cost for answers
  20. Hey team, I’ve submitted this mix hoping to get a slot at one of “The Kickons Crew” upcoming parties. Any attention this receives online won’t be the deciding factor on who gets a set, but any online engagement (listens, likes, reposts) obviously helps. Let me know what you think here and in the Soundcloud comments! Thanks fam 😎
  21. RE: malfunction - it’s quite rare but sometimes the players can go a bit funky and need a restart. Always have two USBs minimum with you in case you need to reboot one of them, as you don’t wanna get stuck playing off link and needing to restart that player. Sometimes the network cable might get damaged and the link cuts in and out, so having two USBs saves you from that situation. RE: CDJ settings - if you prepare your USB sticks with rekordbox you can configure all the settings you want on the USB, then when you plug it into the CDJ you can load all your settings to the player. I’ll find some more info/video on how to do it if you need (when I’m on my computer next).
  22. Welcome! Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. There's plenty of knowledge and experience around here
  23. Welcome what part of the country you from?
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