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  2. To the old ravers this has been bugging me for years. I am after an ID to a trance song which in the break has a female saying(not singing) 'Like an eagle in the sky....' or 'maybe 'Like an eagle soaring through the sky...' The track is more like an uplifting trance song than hard trance. It was on one of the coloured cassette mixtapes either DJ nervous, Ferris or Mark Dynamic used to hand out in the Kings Cross around 1999/2000s. I think track/artist has the name 'moon' in it but my memory is shot. I know this is a long shot but if any one can help i would be so grateful!
  3. Displaced Paranormals ft. Dubtek/DBR UK [CTRL+ALT+DEL Audio] Ctrl+Alt+Del Audio: CTRL003 Disinformation Brief 0413 (DIB0413) Node: >1102 Kernal: .075 Cast: 29Hz Source: Displaced Paranormals, Dubtek, DBR UK Dual Signal Path: Inorganic / Kyro Source 1: Displaced Paranormals, Dubtek “Inorganic” This one serves as a warning for the system we all have found ourselves in as of late. The message is there, but you will have to listen to hear it. Behind the message is a stripped back stepper full of pulsing and evolving sub bass, squelching and twitching synth stabs, and swirling FX’s. Be sure to heed the message and stay alert! Source 2: Displaced Paranormals, DBR UK “Kyro” When using your local café’s wifi to hack into your ex’s bank account, you need to have the appropriate soundtrack, and this is it. Smooth keys and a female vocalist over a crisp break get this one underway. From there, distorted pluck synth bass moves in and out between distorted midrange stabs all while weaving into the deep structure and tone created from the keys and vocals. 01 / Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Inorganic 02 / Displaced Paranormals & DBR UK - Kyro Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://ctrlaltdelaudio.bandcamp.com/album/ctrl003-inorganic-kyro https://www.beatport.com/release/inorganic-kyro/3528187 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/ctrlaltdelaudio/sets/ctrlaltdel-audio-displaced-paranormals-dubtek-inorganic-dbr-uk-kyro-ctrl003 https://open.spotify.com/album/2157h5V8ZsTm0Coa2FqFoU ** Follow to support: https://www.facebook.com/CtrlAltDelAudio/ https://www.instagram.com/ctrlaltdelaudio/ https://www.viberate.com/artist/displaced-paranormals
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  5. Hey guys, got another artist tutorial to share this week showing how you can use the simplest methods to tune your drums and strategically approaching your production process to get the best results. Link - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/0c3733ce-1962-4253-ba6f-e8bb2579f15e/show
  6. FUJ - Opia/Pelagic [Inception:Audio - IA028] From the mind of Fuj comes two brilliant works of modern drum and bass music that are a perfect examples of why his art has received countless praises. Simply put, this release is an artist hitting their stride with ease and focus. Opia - opens with sparse and crisp percussion and pads that slowly build up momentum as the bass line drops and dances perfectly with pulsing synth stabs. These give way to more airy pads and layered sonic textures and break beats that are as good as it gets. Prelagic - is an exploration in minimal, yet complex break beats with flanged synths and chopped processed vocal snippets weaving in and out of frame. It beckons you to get lost in its hypnotic call and leaves you satisfied that did. Inception:Audio - IA028 01 / FUJ - Opia 02 / FUJ - Pelagic Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://inceptionaudio.bandcamp.com/album/ia028-inception-audio-fuj https://www.beatport.com/release/opia-pelagic/3528125 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio/sets/inception-audio-ia028-fuj-opia-pelagic https://open.spotify.com/album/24LkokvbRMYy9tHraqON7N ** Follow to support: https://inceptionaudio.com https://www.viberate.com/artist/fuj https://www.viberate.com/label/inception-audio/beatport-analytics
  7. Hey guys, check out this really cool tutorial on making a DIY controller for Ableton Live. They've turned an Amazon delivery box intro a hardware controller with locally sourced parts and an Arduino microcontroller + Max For Live. Check out the whole article here - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/7ce26e87-493e-437d-8a28-ed27a9a4eebe/show
  8. man i remember drooling over the empaths when they came out. they were a great looking mixer (and they came in a rotary edition.) I miss the old Serato.. was SOOO stable and didn't try to be to fancy, great for a vinyl guy like me. think i still have my SL1 in a box somewhere, i upgraded to tracktor when Pioneer became certified, but i never gelled with it, always seamed way more busy that it needed to be and had 1000s of features i was never going to use (its also now sitting in box somewhere) sort of glad i never bought a system that integrated the mixer and the DVS Now i play for myself and my vinyl collection. so i only have a 2 channel vestax mixer (Pcm-25) and i love it
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  10. i am a night club DJ in NC. Happy to be here
  11. Hey guys, got another artist tutorial to share this week showing how you can use the simplest methods to create a great sounding track. This one features electronica producer Scarr. where he shows some of the simplest tricks he uses on Ableton Live to make his music. Link - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/b4bdb68b-3a56-4603-8bf7-df666e557b67/show
  12. Hey guys wanted to share this really cool trick with Ableton's Auto-Filter plugin to create grooves, rhythmic melodies and so much more. This was a trick shared by an Indian house & techno producer- HAEN (do check him out). He plays around with the LFO and groove settings on the auto-filter to come up with creative ideas with audio samples as well as midi. Here's the link to the full article - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/48de8ee8-849b-4bc9-b0ed-ae18eb2321de/show
  13. Wanted : Yamaha S6215 Bass Horns wanted , has 2 x 15 " drivers , want 2 if possible.
  14. Thank for the reply Mitch. I'm waaaaay out of date as you can see haha I was thinking if I can sell my mixer to help fund a new mixer. The 2 mixer I've mentioned are on the lower end as my budget isn't high. I will def have a look into getting a Traktor for DVS. I am looking for Serato mainly coz I have 4 control vinyls and don't know what to do with them if I'm not using Serato. I have been searching all over the internet but like you said, there isn't much info or anyone even selling this mixer. Yeah and especially my Serato audio interface is a SL1 which I doubt anyone is even using one nowadays. But I did see on Ebay a few selling at some unrealistic price. Like a few hundred dollars. Which is crazy... Sounds like I just have to forget about selling the old gear and just get with the times haha Cheers for the help man!
  15. Firstly, welcome to ADJF :safe: To answer each question: 1) Have used neither of those mixers, but they appear to be the cheapest ones with Serato DVS support inbuilt so either appear the most economical way to go. Doesn't look like there are any Serato interfaces like the SL1-4 still in active production, so only other alternative to what you've already mentioned (or a more expensive mixer again) I can think of would be to keep your current mixer and use Traktor for DVS (can get an interface with the control vinyl and software for just under $450). 2) Hard to say. Can't find any that have sold in Australia recently, but potentially several hundred dollars at a pure guess (assuming there's a willing buyer out there for it). 3) Probably not worth much/anything due to it now being obsolete. 4) I believe you should be able to keep using the same ones.
  16. this is actually mental. I'm sure it wont be 100% everytime but it's pretty insanely handy
  17. snare samples packs contains snares. Makes sense.
  18. Hi ppls, I am coming back into the DJ scene but my equipment(s) has been phased out. Just wanting to get some suggestions and help with upgrading my mixer. Preferably with built in Serato. I currently have a Rane empath mixer Grandmaster Flash signature edition 3-Ch hooked with 2x Technics SL1200 turntables. I am looking to upgrade as my old serato audio interface and software is incompatible now. My question is: 1) What is a recommended mixer with built-in Serato that can still allow me to use my decks and won't break the bank? I have been looking at Numark Scratch 24-Bit 2-Ch Scratch Mixer w/ Innofader & Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer DJMS3 Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro as the prices are pretty good. Any experience stories is appreciated. 2) How much can I sell my Rane empath grandmaster flash signature edition mixer for? 3) Can I still sell my Serato SL1 box? (I know it's a dinosaur LOL) 4) Will I still be able to use my Serato control vinyls or I will need to buy new ones? Hope to get some help and guides as I tried searching online but havn't found much information to answer my questions. I figured it's better to ask the people in the industry. Holla!
  19. Ayyy welcome back facebook groups and the like mean the good ol’ Internet forums aren’t as active as they once were, but there’s still a few around.
  20. Cupe

    Hello again,

    I think you were one of the OG users back in the day. Do you want me to help you revive your old account @Skank ? I can update the username if you don't go by Skank any more. That way your post history and stats carry forward. Good to see people circle back around and still find us here kicking
  21. Welcome back! A few of us still around after all these years
  22. Sup ADJF, I'm back after almost a decade away, I went by the screen name Skank and used these forums quiet heavily while I was djing for work and running a night club but I can no longer access that account so here I am. I'm here to participate in the community but as life has caught up with me balancing music with kids and a profession leave me in the bedroom banger category. I did sell most of my DJ gear quiet a few years ago but will be buying another controller asap. I hope to participate in some mix battles, scratch battles, upload some mixes and even dabble in producing of the opportunity its arises. Keen to see who is still around and how the community has grown!! Happy to be back!!!!!
  23. Yeah for general listening/home use I’d personally go for a passive home theatre setup too. Easy to manage and you’ll still get decent quality and volume out of a smaller speaker more suited to the room. 15” PAs seem huge for a home theatre setup. I have no experience with the model you’re looking at to comment on their quality or any alternatives sorry.
  24. I'd go a 5.1 home theatre kinda set up. You can get some decently priced stuff that sounds quite good and with a lot more sound engineering going into games these days the audio experience will be so much better. Personal opinion
  25. Snare sounds come in a variety of varieties, including metal snares, drums, and brushes. Some people even create their own samples using household items like pots or pans to get unique textures. snare sample pack are used in all musical genres. They really come in handy for DJs or producers who need to use a snare sound but don't have the time (or money) to create one from scratch using analog techniques - instead of waiting till inspiration hits them with any song they're currently working on. For example, if someone is producing house music and needs some tambourine stabs for percussion then having a library of pre-made samples can be very useful!
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