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  2. As the title states, here is my new mix I recorded today. Perfect for those Sunday session vibes https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-progressive-evolution-005-live/
  3. ADJF Soundcloud Pro fees due

    yep i get paid this Wednesday so will send it through then
  4. Yesterday
  5. Everyone who is currently using Soundcloud Pro (which has a fee of $20/year) needs to send it through again or lose access. I think right now it has @Mitch @NitroMonkey @OxyKon maybe @LabRat I can't remember who else. Tag them for payment. When I pay for most of it no doubt I'm changing the password and providing only to those that have paid. THANKS
  6. Thanks, if music producers need good samples, i share with you lucidsamples , at this site you can find nice sound effects.
  7. Chat is now hosted at: Update your phone apps and shit.
  8. ADJF Meat 2018 Mega Mixes

    keen for sync
  9. Last week
  10. ADJF Meat 2018 Mega Mixes

    we should sync some of these for FNCP this week, or maybe just do actual FNCP lol
  11. How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    fucking bots
  12. Hey all, I was on the hunt for new Drum & Bass on the weekend and put together this mix. It has a whole heap of new 2018 tracks. I hope you enjoy it. https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-basswalkers-001-live/
  13. ADJF Meat 2018 Mega Mixes

    All sets have now been uploaded in the order they were originally recorded.
  14. How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    Problem solved
  15. How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    I know it's too hard to understand. But the knowledge in the body.
  16. ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    All good. Start saving $0.70 a day and you'll have enough to attend MEAT 2019.
  17. ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    Ahk, we’ve always done the 3rd week of March, hence why I set it at that
  18. ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    Updated the dates to the next week. Should be closest to the 23rd. Pepper your angus.
  19. And it’s coming full circle once again. Get ready Sydney. WE’RE COMING BACK
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  21. How is the aussie music scene ?

    The Australian music scene is quite political. My best advice is just to keep meeting people and get involved with promoters. Where are you staying in Australia?

  23. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. Dubriders - Soul (Original Mix) 02. Dubriders - Waves (Original Mix) 03. Dubriders - Soul (Radio Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT029.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Makoki Funk: "Favorite Track: Soul (Original Mix) I like first track , for my sets its cool ... Play in beach clubs and Lounge Restaurants...." Keener: "Great release and Amazing tracks... Full support" AVAILABLE ON: ································ ► iTunes: https://smarturl.it/DT029-iTunes ► Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/soul... ► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0bAbSY... Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro House, Minimal, Breaks, Tropical House... Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events... In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and free discjockey sets. We are looking Producers!! You can send us your Electronic Music to release on Beatport, iTunes... Here: Send Demos Mastered or Unmastered tracks Visit us and get the new releases, Free mp3 tracks and deejays sets of our djs and producers: JackLNDN, Vlada D'Shake, Keener, Dhyan Droik, Marfel, Carlos Beltran, Ben Wood, Deep Roots, Anthony Brahv, James Starkie, DeadBot, Rubecula, Dubriders, Ckeurk, Gleich, Robi K, Javi Row, Miguel Alcobia, The Boogeyman, Alche Beat, Nick Ag, AdbeatS, Alex Justicia, Xperimental, Davhelos... Downtech Music - Artist - Music Forum - Videos Enjoy the Music!!!

    can someone pm me the address also will try to setup laptop for traktor with the T1 controller if people want it
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