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  2. Thanks man, I know it's a small contribution but any traffic flow for the site helps.
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  4. Hey all. I have put together the latest mix in my Live Essentials of Trance series. In this mix the vibe is aimed at a main set performance providing the best uplifting and driving Trance coming out over the past 2 months. I hope you enjoy the mix. https://hearthis.at/tyd23cbz/matt-ingle-presents-live-essentials-of-trance-085-recorded-live/
  5. Bigups for the continuous mix posting homie! Digging the mixes!
  6. Cheers buddy. Gotta get around to slapping a Trump'd sticker on it then to actually use it! The day job has taken over so my other turntable is in parts all over my work bench at the moment.
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  8. Thanks @Craig, I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. Cheers
  9. I have a 12" sub. 5" speakers is tiny. I shoulda bought an 8" sub
  10. soundcloud was purely donezo from a financial point of view. If you weren't keeping up with the news at the time you wouldn't have known anything was amiss. This is different because it actively impacts the users of the site
  11. Yeah I don't see it being worthwhile but could be wrong. Soundcloud is still kicking and I was pretty sure that was done for
  12. this will completely kill off mixcloud. Who the fuck is going to keep uploading to mixcloud if their listeners can only listen to the same mix/show 3 times in 2 weeks? or long mixes in some genres where they'll have multiple tracks from the same artist
  13. The way you stream on Mixcloud will soon be affected. "Mixcloud has always offered a service for creators to upload for free, and for anyone to listen for free. It's crucial to us that these options continue to exist." As a free listener, here's what will be changing - Free listeners will only be able to seek forwards (not backwards) while listening to a show - Free listeners will only be able to listen to the same show a maximum 3 times in a 2 week period - Free listeners will not be able to listen to shows that feature more than 4 tracks by the same artist or more than 3 tracks from an album (if you're not a rights holder) Their subscription plans are also changing - $2.99 for Mixcloud Select - $7.99 for Mixcloud Premium I'm assuming this is USD pricing. The full article can be found here if this affects you: https://medium.com/mixcloud/moving-toward-a-fair-and-sustainable-streaming-model-for-artists-99050561a069
  14. Also have something similar. Handy to take when travelling / going outdoors etc.
  15. If you've already got a sub, I don't think you would need the 8". The 5" ones should cover the midrange and pair well with the sub and take up less room.
  16. new ones are about $500-550 for a pair, old ones are going for under 400 for a pair now
  17. I am looking to downgrade my M-Audio 8" monitors and was thinking of some KRK 5" ones. These look like they will suit me just fine. Although I don't really need the DSP stuff. Maybe I can get the previous ones cheap?
  18. Picked up this today so I didn't have to put up with my laptop speakers anymore. Sounds bloody minto. Always a bit suss getting these kinda things, where I feel I could better spend money on headphones but I like this. JBL Flip 5 is the product
  19. Hey all, I just put together and recorded my latest Progressive Evolution mix. Arguably some of the smoothest mixing I have ever done to date. I really enjoyed putting this one together and hope you enjoy it too. Listen to it here
  20. Righty... it was a bit of an effort but I FINALLY got my labels! The inspiration for my labels comes from the times where we use to pull off tape and write what our channels on the mixers are or even patch locations on some synths. It came out close enough but because they're so small some of the detail in the tape goes. I had a feeling that would be the case but if you don't try these things you won't really know how it's gonna go. Anyways, here's the actual final product and the F1 Pics aren't artistic but I just wanted to grab a few quickly and update. Still on the hunt for a tonearm / second hand deck for parts and I've pulled the other turntable open and have that ready for cleaning. Hopefully I get a chance to get the second one all sorted out and working but that'll be all on these for a while.
  21. Various Artists - Versus 2 [Free Love Digi] Free Love Digi proudly presents the second installment of the Versus compilation series. Versus 2 brings up a diverse selection of quality drum & bass from a dozen of talented producers! Tune in below and follow us for more! Support via Direct Download (from label) https://lbl.gr/JKNZ9j Support via Beatport https://lbl.gr/JKNZ9j?beatport 1.) DLX - Sumtin Like This (Original Mix) 2.) Trace, Quentin Hiatus - So Good (Original Mix) 3.) Basic Biology - Valid (Original Mix) 4.) Stunna - In The Cage (Original Mix) 5.) Dominic Ridgway - I am the sea, I am the breeze (Original Mix) 6.) B1tyze - Special Request (Original Mix) 7.) Quentin Hiatus - Red Controller (Original Mix) 8.) Gunston - Roachbox (Original Mix) 9.) Issa - Pitch Black (Original Mix) 10.) Indifferent - Qwerky and the Tramp (Original Mix) 11.) Moralz - Melancholy (Original Mix) 12.) clprt - Pronto (Original Mix) 13.) Onism Qi - Online Delete Raw (Original Mix) 14.) Subduktion, TorbjΓΈrn - DD (Original Mix) Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/free-love-digi/sets/free-love-digi-fldvs2-1 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreeLoveDigi
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