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  2. RE: malfunction - it’s quite rare but sometimes the players can go a bit funky and need a restart. Always have two USBs minimum with you in case you need to reboot one of them, as you don’t wanna get stuck playing off link and needing to restart that player. Sometimes the network cable might get damaged and the link cuts in and out, so having two USBs saves you from that situation. RE: CDJ settings - if you prepare your USB sticks with rekordbox you can configure all the settings you want on the USB, then when you plug it into the CDJ you can load all your settings to the player. I’ll find some more info/video on how to do it if you need (when I’m on my computer next).
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  4. Welcome! Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. There's plenty of knowledge and experience around here
  5. Welcome what part of the country you from?
  6. This was a good read 😊 thank you! One thing that’s worrying me a bit is not knowing the cdj’s enough and something malfunctioning. Or the person before me having ridiculous settings. Best get doing my research before I get out there!
  7. Hi everyone. Just here to say hello and introduce myself. I’m Lucy, started learning to DJ about 6/7 months ago now just for fun for myself and friends. It very quickly became an obsession. There were times when I felt a bit overwhelmed. I love lots of genres and vibes from each genre and a lot of it was proving to be difficult mixing (disco I’m looking at you 🙄). I’ve had lessons with a local school and been apart of a really supportive online DJ school community through a Facebook group. I’m now more comfortable with original disco and many other genres and I’m having the time of my life! Not sure why I never did this earlier! It’s the best feeling ever getting compliments on your music taste and I dream of being around a community of people all dancing and having a good time to the music I choose to play. Anyway I’ve just had a lot of really good feedback and love from a mix I posted from DJ’s around me who I admire, which is a massive confidence boost. And I have my first gig at one of my favourite bars at the end of this month. Now all of a sudden I feel like a real DJ 😊 And I’ve become that obsessed I’ve took the plunge and signed up to an online production school starting soon 🙏🏽 Anyway that’s me. Looking forward to getting involved with this forum because it’s the community of DJs around me that’s really given me the hype and motivation to keep giving it my all 😊
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  9. Thanks Mitch for your input much appreciated
  10. https://www.storedj.com.au/road-ready-rrlphw-100-lp-case-w-wheels-and-pull-out-handle Something like this is the premium option at our stores in aus. There are some cheaper options - check your local store for an LP “road case” - these will be built better than your standard bag. Something with a solid exterior is definitely preferred for flying/couriers.
  11. Hi Guys. Dose anyone know where robust vinyl flight cases can buy bought. Ive come across some but i need to move an expensive recird collection to the other side of the world with a moving company in 2 months time. Id appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  12. You don't even use Soundcloud or HearThis.at ?
  13. I am retarded, ni social media or youtube so filebin it is. http://Filebin.net/av3o8fwgo7igtar2
  14. Post the proper YouTube link and hit enter to embed it correctly.
  15. Gone a bit harder with some techno tunes this month. Mostly old vinyl that I hadn't listened to in a while, thus it's a bit raw (as you'll hear). Enjoy
  16. Saw Ableton reposted this vid. Collision is probably one of the lesser used instruments in Ableton, but it’s a very interesting tool. Guy makes techno in the vid, but you might get some ideas for other genres too. I also recommend reading the Ableton manual to understand more about Collision - it’s based on mallet percussion instruments, using physical modelling to simulate various real life objects (with some made up ones too).
  17. Came across this last night. It's a bunch of Ableton fx and instrument racks made by James Wiltshire (Freemasons). All uses built-in Ableton stuff so you don't need any third-party VSTs to make it work. Pretty cheap so I might purchase and see how it goes https://www.f9-audio.com/products/f9-live-racks-parallel-suite?variant=32265842433.
  18. Hey lab rat, very kind offer man... Thank you.
  19. Beterror & Bios Destruction - Amritsar EP [Sinuous Records] Sinuous Records welcomes back Beterror & Bios Destruction, two Ukrainian producers that are making waves within the drum & bass scene. With continuous support from Noisia Radio and numerous releases over the last year, this next release is the first EP for 2021, not only following ‘Generation.EP’ but also ‘Perch’ release in the latter half of 2020. There latest occurrence brings The Amritsar EP. 01. Our Horror Delivering a driving tune full of atmosphere and jungle inflection sounds, razor sharp drums and groaning bass modulations. Stuttering vocal cuts and sweeping synth create musical weaponry. 02. Sudden Eternity Shimmering pads with skittering percussion make for a dark focused groove. Crisp rolling drums and crunching bass textures make this one have depth and punch in equal measures. 03. Pressure Leading with hypnotic vocal hooks and punchy percussion, powered along by crispy drums and groaning weighty bass tensions, enough little touches to keep the energy flowing. 04. Armitsar Echoing FX hits and serious percussive precision combined with heavy hitting tech drums, including rib-rattling bass warmth it's dark yet full of subtle touches. 05. Phenomenon Delivers a sublime tech groove powered by sharpened percussion and warping neuro bass lines. Sparse drum rhythms, groaning bass and ominous FX hits a-plenty drive this one along at some pace. 06. Nonsense (Warm Roller Remix) This one is a rapid-fire head-nodder with an infectious vocal hook, before dropping into futuristic sounds, sharp breaks and growling bass. This is deep yet rugged. 07. Flui Keeps the percussion clean and sparse, injecting plenty of atmosphere via serene pads, its infectious drums and jagged bassline workout, paired with silky vocals make for an elegant tech roller. Sinuous Records / SIN047 01/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Our Horror 02/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Sudden Eternity 03/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Pressure 04/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Armitsar 05/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Phenomenon 06/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Nonsense (Warm Roller Remix) 07/ Beterror & Bios Destruction - Flui Grab a copy in all digital stores: https://sinuous.fanlink.to/sin039 ** Stream here: https://soundcloud.com/sinuous/sets/beterror-bios-destruction-amritsar-ep-premiere-sinuous-records https://open.spotify.com/album/1qCq1ciuIcWXdzo9Pmn9kD ** Follow to support: https://www.facebook.com/SinuousRecords/ https://www.viberate.com/artist/beterror https://www.viberate.com/artist/bios-destruction
  20. For something to start with I'd say the DDJ200. Serato / Rekordbox doesn't look as intimidating as Traktor can
  21. Welcome mate. Not an FL user but I use Serum, Spire, most NI Complete stuff and FabFilter a lot. Happy to help out where I can
  22. Awesome... Will go now and check it out. Thanks.
  23. With Spotify dominating the consumer streaming market, less people are listening to mixes on Spotify etc... so if you can’t beat them, join them. Made a playlist for people to follow. Will keep it updated regularly with new tracks. Appreciate a follow if you are on the platform 👍. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3Tyoxp0HUtoypllBHUbf5G?si=2LcM-2uLQFeoe-Tdy7qH-w
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