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  4. Hey all, Here is my latest live recorded show of Progressive Evolution. I hope you enjoy this show. I pulled together the very best Progressive House that has come out over the past 2 months. Enjoy! :) Progressive Evolution 012
  5. You need a hosted platform to stream through, butt doesn't do everything, unless it does now but it's not easy to setup
  6. Very different to your older stuff, thoroughly enjoying mate!
  7. Having midi controllers definitely expands your capability to more live performance aspects, having a maschine + a DJ setup for instance would give you some extremely creative freedom. Bass Kleph has been doing it for years now, always found his style intriguing. And as well as this DJ Rafik and Sixty Nine Beats also come to mind;
  8. Couldn't pass up the deal aye. Still not plugged in. I have to re-arrange the room to find a spot for it. Might have to buy some power tools and get my DIY on.
  9. I honestly thought (based on what I've seen here) the DJ was being phased out. I guess I've blocked it out so much I have no idea what's going on anymore. I was on gumtree looking for a Machine and kinda flipped when I saw what they were still going for...
  10. I own, is nice sub. That's not a bad price for it either. I think I paid 700ish for it but that was 4 years or so ago
  11. weird. I deleted the original connection with facebook and connected again just so I could follow a few mates but it's weird how my mate did it before
  12. Bout this time of year I start freaking out about flying interstate. Time to find out if there's any outstanding warrants for ridiculous fines.
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  14. Recordings help me update Soundcloud or whatever to have shit to post. I duno if you'd get a following of just people dj'ing on Twitch. You need tits or major sponsors. And the audio copyright shit will flag us sooner or later
  15. There's a major difference between jumping on for a stream and wanting a recording done though. 8 out of 10 you probably don't care for keeping for anything other than critique. Just to start building following Twitch with no recordings would be great.
  16. It's all just midi commands, the software evolves and the controllers can stay relatively consistent. The all in one controllers can't really change that much more as a regular setup (CDJ/DJM combo) hasn't changed at all either. The features between CDJ's, for instance the diff between the CDJ900 and CDJ2000 being the auto-loop vs hot cue buttons, are all programmable between the DJ software and the controller.
  17. holy shit yearh dude nice setup @wrxfiend
  18. BeatLeSS


  19. from memory, you should be ok during the stream on twitch, to play music. If someone from twitch staff views the stream or complaints are made, you get shutdown... Rarely happens. If you need a hand to stream on twitch let me know.
  20. Native Instruments have launched the Traktor Pro 3.1 update that they first showed off last month at NAMM. This update marks the first time that Traktor Pro has gotten a major layout revision in regards to waveforms – and parallel waveforms are finally here. Keep reading for the full details on the 3.1 update. Traktor Pro 3.1 Traktor Pro 3.1 started appearing in users’ Native Access app last night, and this morning NI announced that update has been officially released. The new update has a lot of changes – including a number of visual additions to the user interface layout, a new mapping control for S8 and D2 controllers, S4 MK3 standalone mixer mode, and a number of other smaller changes. Here’s the full list of what’s new from the official changelog, along with a few screenshot examples: ADDED Parallel Waveforms: Two new deck size “Parallel Full” and “Parallel Slim” have been added, which optionally replace the side by side waveforms by stacked ones. The parallel options can be enabled for decks A & B and decks C & D separately in the preferences. A layout preset “Parallel” will be added to the user’s list layouts. ADDED Single Deck View: The number of visible decks can now be set to “1”, which provides a single deck view with the waveform spreading across the full width of the screen to be used for set preparation. A layout preset “Preparation” will be added to the user’s list of layouts. ADDED Duplicate in Layout Manager: A button allowing to duplicate an existing layout has been added to the Layout preferences. ADDED Custom Mapping for S8 and D2: Individual controls on the Kontrol S8 and the Kontrol D2 can now be custom mapped (over-mapped) via the Controller Manager.\ ADDED Non-Destructive File Handling: A set of options called “Tag writing mode” has been added to the File Management preferences to configure which types of metadata Traktor does write and does not write into the audio files. ADDED Tooltips in Preferences and a toggle icon in Application Header: Tooltips are now also available for all preferences panels. Tooltips can be switched on/off in the Global Settings preferences as well as the Global Section. (Editor’s note: it does not appear that there are any tooltips in the Controller Manager section – easily the most confusing page of the preferences) IMPROVED Insert new track to analysis queue: A new un-analysed track loaded into a deck is now prioritized over an analysis queue running in the background. FIXED Keyboard Shortcuts non-functional when exiting Preferences or dialogs The search string in the upper right corner of the browser pane has been grown bigger to improve its readability. FIXED Search by KEY broken: Search by KEY via the refined search dropdown is functional. FIXED D2/S8: Sample Pitch Control Broken: The sample pitch control via the display knobs is functional again on KONTROL D2/S8. Kontrol S4 MK3 Improvements as well! There also were a number of changes made that specifically impact owners of the new S4MK3 controller: ADDED S4MK3 Standalone Mode: S4MK3 can be used as standalone mixer without a computer connected with the latest firmware. FIXED S4: Switching Jog Mode affects Tension: Switching between JOG and TT mode on S4MK3 will no longer affect the jog wheel’s tension. FIXED S4: Haptic Nudges affect Sound during Forward Spins: Haptic nudging will no longer affect sound of forward spins on the S4MK3. IMPROVED S4 MK3 HP Volume: S4MK3’s headphone volume is increased by +6dB in HP-MIX center position with the latest firmware version This new version of Traktor Pro 3.1 is a free update for all owners of Traktor Pro 3, and is available now either on Native Instruments’ website or in the Native Access application. Source
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