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    scratching practice

    ADJF - Tinder for DJs, since 2008
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    Splash Heads are back with a massive hat-trick!

    Splash Heads are back with a massive hat-trick! After entering the scene with their debut releases on Eatbrain and a great collaboration with The Clamps for Blackout, the serbian duo is back with a massive hat-trick! Out now on Future Sickness Records is #Technodrome, a sick collaboration with the twisted twins Gancher & Ruin. The second of three, the magnificent #Sunstrider is coming soon on Genome Records as a part of "Scensio LP". Finally as a part of farewell project "The Final Chapter - Neuroware" on mighty Renegade Hardware heavily awaited "Opus Dei" is ready to go and destroys your speakers. Stay tuned for more Splash Heads - Opus Dei Renegade Hardware https://soundcloud.com/renegade-hardware/splash-heads-opus-dei Gancher & Ruin vs Splash Heads - Technodrome Future Sickness Records https://soundcloud.com/futuresickness/technodrome Splash Heads - Sunstride Genome Records https://soundcloud.com/genome-records-1/splash-heads-sunstrider-1 Follow: https://soundcloud.com/splashheadsofficial https://www.facebook.com/splashheads/ Bookings: wiz.promotions@gmail.com
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    This is an oldie but decided to share it. Lets see if Soundcloud gives me another strike and removes my account
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    Hey Guys & Girls, Whattup?

    Thanks guys! I'll be picking some brains, that's for sure!
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    Hey Guys & Girls, Whattup?

    Hey there mate! Welcome to the forums. Sounds to me like you have your beginnings sorted But there is plenty of knowledgeable people drifting around this forum so be sure to ask We also have the live chat for anything and everything else. Always a good time in there
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    Phoenix - 1901 (bristles remix)

    From what I've seen it's a bit interesting here. I say that because there's people who cry out that they have no work, and in particular industries I agree, but there's still a lot of work out there and I think people are getting a bit lazy... In my field of work (signage and vinyl application) there's a lot of work. The guys I work with just can't figure out how to get it, and they're spanners so they couldn't catch a cold if they tried. But back to the tunes lol my Ep is like experimental hip hop / electronic. Not sure when I'll release that yet. The festival is a video teaser for nyd. I'll get the deets and pm them to ya. If you're interested I'll see if I can get my mate to get you in
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