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    Audio Technica LS50iS Review

    So I picked up these yesterday and got to give them a good test today. Model - ATH-LS50iS I've worn these today for a good 3-4 hours or so while working on a job. Usually when using in-ear monitors (headphones... whatever) they seem to tenderise your earholes a little and it starts to get uncomfortable. These, surprisingly, felt really comfortable and I didn't experience a lot of discomfort. I took them out of my ears about 10mins ago and they feel great. I rate the sound of these as the best in-ear monitors I've ever had. Unlike most other manufactures (SOL Republic and Senheiser to target only 2) they don't focus on a specific frequency ranges. The SOL's for example are very mid heavy and, on a personal opinion, make the listening experience quite un-pleasurable. Most of the Senny's tend to focus on clarity in the top end which can affect the lower frequencies. The LS50's have a flat EQ and the sound is perfect! I purchased the blue ones above. They come in a few different colours but my only options were blue and red. The picture on the box is a little misleading, showing the product to be a more flat and somewhat brushed look rather than a rich glossy colour. That's the only disappointing thing about these. They're comfortable, they sound great and, despite the colour mix up from box to product, look quite nice. They have a play / pause button which also answers calls and it feels pretty nice. They wrap over your ear, whether they help support the ear piece or not, it's pretty cool. They sit nicely in the ear and come with a few extra buds and a nice leather / pleather bag. They cost me $130 from JB HiFi and worth the bucks. I've been through a few disappointing pairs so I'm super chuffed I finally found some that sound perfect!
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    Sunday Vibinos

    Hi all, A recently recorded mix full of sub 120 bpm goodness. Hope you enjoy the vibe! Tracklisting: 01: King Kooba - San Salvador (Patchworks Remix) 02: Andy Hart - Devoted 03: Francis Inferno Orchestra - Come On Over 04: Damiano Von Erckert - Jai Alai 05: Laurence Guy - Sunlite 06: Laurence Guy & Ishmael - Anchor 07: Session Victim - Yes I Know (Max Graef Remix) 08: Mr President - I Get So Crazy 09: The Posse - MS-DOS 10: Fouk - Orchard 11: Max Graef & Andy Hart - Jungle 12: Rhythm Plate - Keep Moving 13: Loz Goddard - It Will Come To Me (Fouk Remix) 14: A Tribe Called Quest - The Hop (B-Squit Edit) 15: COEO - Cabrio Mango 16: Kian-T - BB 17: Detroit Swindle - Just Not Norma 18: Boorane - V Rhytmah Jazza 19: Stephanie Cooke - Love Will (Roots Mix) 20: Afrobuddha - Obame (Dub Mix) 21: Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie 22: Amp Fiddler - I Got It 23: Cody Currie - Apollo 11 24: Sorceress - Teacups (Chaos In The CBD Remix) 25: Cuisine Dub - Mating Call 26: Sune - I'll Be Right Back 27: Ghetto Chords - Along The Way 28: Junktion - Friends Strangers 29: Murphy 2080 - Remind Me 30: 74 Miles Away - Brusseleiro 31: Treasure - Joyous (Kon Remix) 32: House of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up
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    Hi all ...long time ..ok...I am making a serato fretless fader mixer .... for you people that don't know what a fretless mixer is ...it a MOD mixer where the crossfader sits on rails and blocks ...the crossfader is connected to another fader .....as you slide the audio crossfader up and down the rails it moves the other fader which sends midi info to the midi turntable ...... My one will be the same concept .,.but not for midi to a turntable ( i will be able too do midi to my vestax PDX 3000 or my Numark HDX ..) if I want to but....... I want to use it for serato audio EFX .... Imagine A D.J mixer where you can scratch in audio EFX with out taking your hands off the crossfader and the turntable ....to be able to scratch a Hi-pass u ( up ) Lo-pass filter ( down the rails ) ..."..or...to be able to scratch into and out off a Eco EFX ....with you taking my hands off the decks ...... ....it will be using a Akai AMX pro DVS mixer .....and making the new body where the rails sit in the Front of the AMX .....all I have to do is make the cable for the AMX crossfader longer ......about 150 mm longer .....the crossfader is a good one ...it's a innofader mini .. all the fretless fader mixers mixer I have seen pic off .....all use old vestax 06 pro or rane ttm57 sl ....but to get the rails in they have to remove the line faders.....with the AMX I will keep my line faders ...and I will not be using rails and blocks ....my one will be rails and 4 ball-bearings ......the sliding action will be so smooth .... for the other fader, that is connected to the sliding innofader ( the AMX pro fader ) .....I will be using a mixfader ...... the mixfader is a little Bluetooth crossfader for a $150 ...no cable , easy mount and to map into sarato..... I,m a stainless steel sheet metal engineer by trade ....the body is made from polished stainless steel with a stand for my korg KP quad efx controller .....the AMX pro and the korg Kp will be skinned in camouflage ....... stainless steel , vanished would panel side and camouflage make this thing bad ass .,.it will look like it's ready to go to war ......
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    ADJF Store update

    Lols finger licking goodness
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    ADJF Store update

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    When you make a post on the forum (or perform one of several other actions; for example receive +1 rep or add an event to the calendar) you receive points called 'ADJF Cash'. This 'cash' equates to 1% of a dollar (or 1 cent). Eg. 1 post = 1 cent. What this means is that if you do enough you'll earn enough to exchange these points (ADJF Cash) for items in the ADJF Store. Eg. If you make 1000 posts you'll earn $1 You can also deposit money in the Savings Account to earn interest (additional ADJF Cash) in the same way a bank works. Make cents?
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    Audio Technica LS50iS Review

    Sounds like you hit the mark chief Also nice one doing a write up +rep
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    ARMAB057 : Non-Linear - Space Of Variations 1

    Space of Variations 1 , obscure and bland space data transmissions from label mainstay Non-Linear. With 4 variations which open up this journey of sound on chapter one metallic fusion and quirky sounds, mangled vocals and wide picture characterises this release different various interpretations of the data recieved. Techno, for the club, for the trip, for the DJ. Armatura goes back to straight forward delivery and signs future variations to accompany the opening one. Listen / Download on Bandcamp now https://concrete.bandcamp.com/album/space-of-variations-1 Junodownload, Beatport, iTunes, Dj-Shop.. from May 24th 2017.
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    Where to start?

    Vinyl + Maschine!
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    I have mates telling me they're subscribing to it to get rid of the ads, etc. WTF. Anyways, gone is that platform aye, where's the new social network of tuna gonna happen now?
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    Just watched the documentary Nobody Speak on Netflix the other night regarding journalism and freedom of speech being overseen by the people with enough money to drag free press down. Definitely sounds like it's starting to hit the copyright industry just as hard now.
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    Copyright is getting outrageous now. I get it but it seems like these big wigs have way too much power now
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    Rinse FM Archive disappears off Soundcloud

    SoundCloud is a disaster. The concept is amazing and a lot of us have benefited from it but this is a joke now. I've had originals pulled and the worst part is they don't take your dispute claims seriously. That's what's tipped me over the edge with those cock heads. Unfortunately it's just convenient to upload to it and share atm.
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    Ableton DPI Fix - Windows

    Hi there all. If you are upgrading your PC hardware and getting on board with higher resolution displays you will encounter an issue with your DPI settings and possibly blurry text within Ableton. What I run hardware wise is: Windows 10, i7 4790K, 16GB RAM, GTX-960 4GB, 5 x 240GB SSD and a 40" 4K LG panel. The issue I was having was while creating automation in the Arrangement View, my mouse would move sporadically making it impossible to plot anything accurately. This was only present after I upgraded from a 1080p display to my now 4K display. This issue is for Windows 8 through to Windows 10 and generally happens when the Windows Zoom settings are different from 100% The other issue that could present itself is that Ableton Live's GUI appears blurry or out-of-focus. I didn't have this issue however, but the fix below fixes both issues. The solution is pretty simple: Locate the application "C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Program" Right click on the Ableton Live program and select properties Click the compatibility tab Check the box 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' Click apply and OK. Hope this helps for those wanting to upgrade to higher resolution displays.
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    Ideas for competitions

    I thought of one the other day actually. It's aimed more for producers. I call it, The Initial Preset Challenge. The idea is to make the best / dirtiest / prettiest sound you can by only using the initial preset. You can use any 3rd party plugin you like but the sound must be the initial preset from your synth and that's it. You can use the master envelope only but you can't assign it to anything. You can also use the glide / portamento and make the sound mono or poly. To make it fair we can pick a synth so everyone has the same sound. Can be a free synth like Noise Maker by TAL if people don't have Massive or something.
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    Stereo width is super helpful for making things wider and gooder. The vocals sit nicely but are quite narrow. With some width they'll be mint.
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