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    Hey guys, got another artist tutorial to share this week showing how you can use the simplest methods to tune your drums and strategically approaching your production process to get the best results. Link - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/0c3733ce-1962-4253-ba6f-e8bb2579f15e/show
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    Hey guys, got another artist tutorial to share this week showing how you can use the simplest methods to create a great sounding track. This one features electronica producer Scarr. where he shows some of the simplest tricks he uses on Ableton Live to make his music. Link - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/b4bdb68b-3a56-4603-8bf7-df666e557b67/show
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    Hey guys wanted to share this really cool trick with Ableton's Auto-Filter plugin to create grooves, rhythmic melodies and so much more. This was a trick shared by an Indian house & techno producer- HAEN (do check him out). He plays around with the LFO and groove settings on the auto-filter to come up with creative ideas with audio samples as well as midi. Here's the link to the full article - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/48de8ee8-849b-4bc9-b0ed-ae18eb2321de/show
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    Mixer help

    Thank for the reply Mitch. I'm waaaaay out of date as you can see haha I was thinking if I can sell my mixer to help fund a new mixer. The 2 mixer I've mentioned are on the lower end as my budget isn't high. I will def have a look into getting a Traktor for DVS. I am looking for Serato mainly coz I have 4 control vinyls and don't know what to do with them if I'm not using Serato. I have been searching all over the internet but like you said, there isn't much info or anyone even selling this mixer. Yeah and especially my Serato audio interface is a SL1 which I doubt anyone is even using one nowadays. But I did see on Ebay a few selling at some unrealistic price. Like a few hundred dollars. Which is crazy... Sounds like I just have to forget about selling the old gear and just get with the times haha Cheers for the help man!
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