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    I:A / Inception Audio: Khords & R381 - Unidentified LP [IA008LP] Above me I saw something I did not believe at first. Well above the haze layer of the earth's atmosphere were additional faint thin bands of blue, sharply etched against the dark sky. They hovered over the earth like a succession of halos. Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/unidentified-lp/1912402 Listen: https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio/sets/i-inception-udio-khords-r381 JOIN THE ALIENS \ ! / http://inceptionaudio.com https://www.facebook.com/InceptionAudio https://soundcloud.com/inceptionaudio
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    DJing and MCing

    I only take wedding bookings from couples that require an MC too and that's around 45 weddings per year. I do lots of interaction with the wedding guests at their tables plus i play interactive games and its a big part of my wedding package. If your clients are looking for an upbeat and fun night, once you've got the confidence to do so there is alot more spontaneous fun to be back with the guests with a microphone
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