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    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    could put you in touch with a guy that has a boiler room type studio and streams from BNE pretty much every day of week. Could be cool to embed those in forums/have him post when someone goes live etc?
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    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Well a few decent posed up photos with a bit of photoshop glam and our fav diva should do the trick. There's no community feel for others on the board I reckon, we have too tight of a group here and need to somehow make it appealing, welcome and warm. We're brutish because we're close, a boys club if you will, and in the realm of PC/PR it's probably damaging.
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    donated cause am ghost
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    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    I do agree with this, the Perth dnb group is barley even posted in anymore, which used to be massive, and yea, i haven't mixed since @BeatLeSS was over for my wedding back in August, before then, it was the meat, I've spent a lot of time listening to my roots which is Heavy Metal, but i have been finding over the last few weeks that i'm listening to more and more mixes. I personally don't want to see this happen, I know some of us have a lot going on so we can't make it around as much, but i still love this forum, you're all my family as far as i'm concerned, and a lot of us have been through a shit load together, especially when it comes to the meats, a few of us also have put in a lot of money to keep this place running and i personally know i do not want to see this place go.
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