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    Old boy here needs some new knowledge. I'm just wondering whether, 1) I can load my library on an external HD and convert to my music to my sd cards that way or does the music need to be on the local hard drive? 2) can I still use the old version? I have all my music on my old MacBook Pro and any new version of rekordbox just makes it piss (its a bit old). I would rather keep using that then put all my music on my new MacBook Pro because I don't wanna clog it up with shit while it's still new I haven't mixed for over 2 years and I see that rekordbox is up to version 5. I might be jumping back behind the decks and if I am I want to leave a good impression, starting by knowing how the fancy new tech works. Thank you kindly
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    Correct. FAT is FAT32 on Mac. HFS will be faster though.
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