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    Improve timing when mixing in/out

    A simple technique you can learn is to "swap" the bass EQ. So the transition would be summarised as follows: -Track A is playing -Bring in track B with bass EQ cut -When you've got the faders right up on both tracks, cut the bass EQ of track A at the same time you bring in the bass EQ of track B -Fade out track A The key point to all of this is timing... Knowing when to hit play on the incoming track, when to bring the volume up, when to swap the EQ, and when to fade the old track out. Most of this timing comes down to knowing about phrasing. Here is a decent video I just found in about the concept: Just a note on that video - long term you don't want to rely on the visual cues in Traktor as you may want to move onto CDJs / vinyl down the track which may not have as much detailed info, or Traktor may get it wrong. Use it as a learning tool if you wish, but rely on your ears
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