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    Kaytranada Boiler room set

    Hi ive recently gotten into the fine art that is being a dj. recently i was watching(on youtube) kaytranada play a set in Montreal, he had a small set of decks and i was wondering if anybody on this forum knew what they were. Any help would be appreciated as i am wanting to buy them for their ease of getting around with. the gear he is using can be seen within the first 10 seconds of the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5EQIiabJvk&t=1087s
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    Kaytranada Boiler room set

    Looks like just an old traktor s2, they don't make them new but you can get them used for less than $200 now. Or if you want to get new, they do a mk2 version which recently also stopped being produced but some places might still have stock, or go for the newest mk3 version. All fundamentally the same, just some additional features and quality of life improvements
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