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    G’day ADJF

    Welcome! I've seen a few kids with autism take so well to music. Some pick it up in seconds where others just like the noise and the flickering lights 😁 Heaps of info on here throughout the years which I'm sure you'll find super handy. Alternatively, we're happy to answer any questions!
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    G’day ADJF

    Welcome, I’ll be glad to help when you have any questions! Carl Cox is a legend. He actually lives here in Melbourne now, and given we can’t travel anymore you see him doing events here a bit.
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    G’day ADJF

    Welcome Carl Cox man there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Enjoy your stay.
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    Rob C

    G’day ADJF

    Hey everyone, I’m Rob and I’m here because, many years ago, I used to “DJ” was nothing serious, just 2 technics CD decks, and a very basic Numark mixer, and that was about it. Life got in the way, and always wanted to get back to it. Now, my kids are teenagers and my soon to be 18 year old son, is curious about giving it a go, so I’m here to learn the new ways and help him to learn, him being Autistic makes things a bit trickier. So I’m sure I’ll be asking a HEAP of questions and reading through the forums. Massive Carl Cox fan, and been listening to a bit of Martin Garrix, thanks to watching the doco on Netflix.... Thanks everyone.
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