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    Hope I’m understanding it correctly. Ableton obviously doesn’t have notes available in a list, however, you can still do bulk edits on notes: CMD + A to select all notes in the clip, or If you click on a note on the piano itself it will select all of that note within the clip Use shift key when clicking on a note to add/remove it from the selection (or the piano roll to select all midi data across multiple notes) Once the notes are selected, you can basically do whatever you want in bulk: If you drag a velocity slider it will move them all. You can also do linear gradient on the velocities (can find a vid if wanted) You can either mouse drag or use arrows to change the notes (use shift to move by octave) Shift + left/right arrow keys changes note length Legato button, well, makes them legato I can find a good vid on it somewhere. Is there other stuff you want to do that you’ve found easier in Logic?
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    That's how I usually do it in Ableton. I think I got so use to it in Logic it's the one thing I'd like to see them include to their software. As far as what logic did / does in comparison to Live... it's been way too long since I've used Logic and I was on 9. I know X is so much better and has heaps of functionality but it's one of those things. Ableton is far better at throwing samples in with their warping feature, but Logic's native sampler is so much better so you can still achieve similar things anyway. I think it comes down to preference. I switched to Ableton because a lot of people I was collaborating with used it and it was just easier to switch
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    Of course! That makes perfect sense. BTW, just found a Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen for $409
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    Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild

    The Kallax units are fucking dope for vinyl
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