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    OK, so there are two things you're talking about here: 1) technical ability 2) getting exposure -> assuming this is so you can move toward getting gigs? I had a quick flick through the mix. Genre: Personally wouldn't exactly call it jacking house, there was a bit of variety, but most of the tunes are what I'd expect to hear at a commercial / electro house night. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into.. But if you're trying to get gigs and telling promoters you're playing jacking house, I don't really know anyone booking 'jacking house' DJs around Melbourne at the moment, let alone for opening sets. Mixing: OK in the sense that beatmatching and phrasing was on most of it. Levels were a bit up and down - the mixes sounded a lot like the incoming track just had the drums slammed over the live track, which makes the kicks sound wrong. EQ is your friend here - you don't want the low end of both tracks up if they both have heavy kicks going, you get volume peaks/drops and it makes it sound really noticeable that you're mixing a track in. Also try work on some different transition styles than straight intro/outro mixing with the same EQ movements each time. Flow: Half hr is pretty short.. But think about if you were in a club, you want to build up to a peak, drop back off a bit to give the dancers a rest, build up again, and the night goes around like this. Then depending on what time the place shuts, fades off a bit toward the end of the night generally. Listen to some DJ sets and pay particular attention to the order they play their tracks. Exposure: The hardest one. You can circulate via socials to friends and you may get a few plays, but the fact is not many people will listen. Unless they're a DJ, they probably don't listen to that style of music day in, day out. As labrat said - if you want exposure in terms of gigs, you need to be out meeting people all the time, frequenting the venues you wish to play at. It all comes down to $ at the end of the day, so they're going to book people they like / will bring them $ in / they're so good that they create the exact vibe the venue is going for. Also, it's hard to get the first few gigs at venues. Just remember, no matter how good you are mixing in your bedroom, it doesn't transfer into club experience. Using equipment in the loud, dark room, people hanging off you, having to read the crowd, conform to the promoter's vision/music policies, probably had a few drinks before hand, etc... you will probably muck something up. So they will put you at the quietest time of the night; at least to start with. Find the venues you want to play at (generally a venue where you already know someone involved somehow), turn up early and learn what music they play. Focus on becoming good at that genre, and work from there. But at the same time, you want to sound unique (without trying to contradict myself). No venue plays hits all night. P.S. Melbourne is saturated with DJs, and a lot of them are pretty good, at least in my circles. So to become 'known' for being a good DJ around here takes a lot of time and practice. I've been chipping away for years down here.
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    Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild

    Ladies, Gents and esteemed guests; I pulled my turntables out of storage the other week to find that after a year and a half of being tucked away, something ridiculous happened to all the plastics and rubber parts. I'm not sure what caused it but it became all sticky and gross. The base and all the buttons were stuffed. It's like that feeling when you pull off a sticker after a long time and all the adhesive is left behind. I plugged them in to make sure they still work and so far so good but I didn't want to keep them in this condition. After ringing around for parts and such it became increasingly difficult to find anyone who cared. I called the distributer and they said they may have some second hand bits laying around but no bueno so I decided to pull them apart and clean them up myself. Since they were going to be apart, I've decided that I'm going to wrap the faceplate and do the dicer mod! Quick Note - make sure you keep everything labeled! Take lots of photos and put any parts in labeled zip lock bags so the assembly is much easier Here's as they were when I pulled them out of storage You might be able to see the difference in the plastic. The shinier side is where I scrapped a bit of the adhesive off, and the matte is the gunk. So time to dismantle. There's next to no information about these online so it's a guessing game at the moment. The platter pops right off revealing a few screws. Since I'm wrapping the face plate I need to remove the screws (which I've already done around the platter) the other 4 are unnecessary. There's about 10 screws holding the base together. You can see by the finger prints how stuffed these are Once the screws are out, you can wiggle the base off. Try not to yank it when doing so. Be gentle, it'll come off I'm skipping a massive part here but can go int greater detail if requested. It's good to have an old pillow to rest the face plate down on as the hardness of a table could damage the tone arm, buttons or circuitry. To make a long story short, the tone arm isn't clipped in, it's straight wires from the circuit board right through to the carts. This makes it a bit difficult to remove. You'll require a soldering iron here and some basic soldering skills. It's best to melt the solder on the circuit board to remove the wires. I accidentally snapped mine. It's very easy to do as the wires are so thin so be careful. So this is my current situation. I need to clean all my parts now so it'll be some time before I post updates. Once the parts are cleaned I'll be wrapping the face plate and replacing the decals on the face too. Unfortunately the cleaning product you need to use will remove all text and any kind of printed labels or stickers so you'll need to have these remade if you want to keep them in the future. As I work in the sign and graphics industry this is easy and cheap for me to do myself. I'll probably be doing some custom labels on it rather than replacing the original logos but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully in my next update I'll have my colour chosen too
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    Got the ground lift adapters in today, and they've made a world of difference. I can still here a tiny bit of the squeal if I get close to the speakers while the GPU is going hard, but it's inaudible from my seating position and definitely so while playing back audio - the quality of which doesn't seem to be affected. I'm very happy with my $10.04 solution! Cheers for the advice guys.
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    Kouki - Only One [Trump'd Music]

    Since my absence from the music industry I never had a second thought to write or release anything or promote another party. It's been 3 years now and since I sold my car I've been looking for another hobby to fill in my boredom. I fired up Trump'd again on a VERY small scale. There's a few releases under the Trump'd banner ready to go, which I'll post through out the year. My commitment levels are no where near what they were when I was full-time and I have no idea what's relevant but I'm gonna put out some tunes anyway. Here's the latest one. It's only available via stream on Spotify and Apple Music (amongst others). Once I sort out my distribution to Beatport I'll probably put out some DJ friendly versions for the venues and such. Enjoy.
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    Bedroom Dj ready for the next step!

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of advice out there for you to take, but most of it will be irrelevant to your experience. What I mean is, you will not absorb most of it until years to come. However the most straight forward advice I have for you is the following... Start simple, remain humble, work your networks. A philosophy I live by in almost every application in my life. Starting simple; learning the basics inside out. Beat matching, phrasing, in key and out of key mixing, watching proper DJs LIVE and don't learn bad habits or attitudes. Remain humble; keep your ego in check. The reality of DJing is that there will always be someone out there that is better or more unique than you in their own way. Find your product and work with that. Work your networks; expand your social boundaries, attend events of multiple genres, meet and greet people with no hidden agenda. If you get these down for the next 6-12-24 months you may create an opportunity to play your first live set. Remember, it isn't entirely about what you know in this industry, more who you know. So you need to create that in order for it to happen. However, backing it up with a skill set that is impressive shows you mean business. Because ultimately DJing is a business. You wouldn't go into your day job and only do half the work... I'll have a listen to your mixes, I would suggest you make a post for your latest one in a thread here on the forums. Just make sure it goes into the right section
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    Exode - Hardkube pack Style : Frenchcore/Hardcore Product Details: - 1351 Loops & Samples audio includes - 47 Athmos drones - 302 Hard kicks - 237 Top Loops - 56 Bass - 55 Fills - 87 Fx noises - 73 Hats - 36 Hits - 136 Sfx energy - 40 Snares - 138 Synth loops - 55 Vocals +/- - 54 Whitenoises These are old personal loops Get It Free here : @ https://www.primamateriaaudio.com/free-download And other things Maybe you will find a one sample or two that you like. Have fun...
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    Nice mix there mate!
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    Tom Cosm has just released this huge swag of content for free on YouTube as he makes the move to Patreon, give him some love at http://www.patreon.com/tomcosm "20 In depth high def tutorial videos covering a tunes entire creation process, from programming beats, to tune structure... the main focus however is on 16 powerful bassline patches and a tutorial on how each was made." Intro - https://youtu.be/934Bw_bzGJo Part 1 - https://youtu.be/349Uf8HQZkk Part 2 - https://youtu.be/ar51_A1psIY Part 3 -https://youtu.be/uUKMUlRGfPY Part 4 - https://youtu.be/gg9QHX88D3Y Part 5 - https://youtu.be/UEzn2-V1eh4 Part 6 - https://youtu.be/BAjE2H4fi00 Part 7 - https://youtu.be/424WHMjz8Tg Part 8 - https://youtu.be/nDXTn08f06I Part 9 - https://youtu.be/w1etcEAiSHU Part 10 - https://youtu.be/934Bw_bzGJo Part 11 - https://youtu.be/LcktjBqnuK0 Part 12 - https://youtu.be/DMvoA0VX7rc Part 13 - https://youtu.be/nzc4cWzGy0A Part 14 - https://youtu.be/fkT80cUt1go Part 15 - https://youtu.be/H13wvKwA7Yc Part 16 - https://youtu.be/cu8wreyJiSM Part 17 - https://youtu.be/934Bw_bzGJo Part 18 - https://youtu.be/ukv4mc-oc8w Part 19 - https://youtu.be/oHypQS_yCiA Part 20 - https://youtu.be/kqpFTCoxUxA
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    Spitty's random finds

    I find some cool stuff when I browse the InterTube so thought I should start sharing what I see with you guys. I'll keep adding to this every time I find a video that's worthwhile sharing. They're mainly production videos which is why I though it would be cool to have just 1 thread which showcases heaps of different stuff. I do find a fair bit so I could update this thread a number of times a day, or never at all - keep your eyeballs on this space
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    Just an FYI, this set is also hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass, glitch hop etc
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    So I've never really DJ'd

    only issue i've had with controllers is that you need an ok computer to handle it. like you dont need something epic but i've had Traktor lag on me a few times out at a gig.
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    Yeah it sounds like a quick and fun little challenge. I might have to oil everything up for 1 more go
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    Pawn & Co 21-08-16

    Got a recording of my set from last night up. Was opening set (7pm), so bit more downtempo with a (significant) hint of disco vibe. Enjoy
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    About Her

    This is cool. I get where @Narukami is coming from - I thought it was going to drop into a 4x4 garage track during that first build/peak. But you pulled it back
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    Basically the same but cannot stress on how much you hear when listening back to your own mix, my mixes are like the only thing i listen. Also post mixes here we offer nothing but ways to improve.
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    its all about practice man. record mixes and listen back on it, take notes and try again. thats how i got better and better, till i worked up and got residency at a couple of places. being nervous, imo, its a good thing. means you actually care about DJing and want to do a great job. i've seen far too many DJ's that have the "so what" or "i'm top shit" attitude, they just sucked... a new guy who just started out that was nervous as balls rocked a crowd and was 100 times better then some of the headliners we had.
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    If you haven’t looked at Traktor DJ, Native Instruments’ iOS app (it runs on Mac and PC too) recently, a new update and the concurrent global stay-home happening seems like the perfect time to do it. The update to Traktor DJ 2.4 has a bunch of features that look like they’re straight out of a user feature request thread – mostly focused around the transport interface. Traktor DJ 2 vs Traktor Pro 3: A Refresher Traktor DJ 2 is the “rewrite” of the Traktor codebase, modeled after the Traktor DJ iOS app. It’s available on iOS devices, MacOS, and Windows. It has a lot of the functionality of Traktor, but it’s free, has SoundCloud Go+ integration, and track recommendations. It’s still just two decks – but we imagine it may replace Traktor Pro one day. Traktor DJ 2.4 features + changes Here’s what the Traktor team has shared as being the big feature additions and improvements in the 2.4 update to the app. Transport Bar can now be assigned to the left, right, or bottom on iOS Swappable Play / CUE buttons New “CUE slide-to-play” allows for holding CUE and sliding into Play Track genre is now visible, searchable, and sortable Track time displays next to each track in the browser (iOS) Increased track length limitation Improved Waveform readability Stripe Waveform now has 3 bands Tracks can now be played before analysis is complete Clock in the header Improved Browser view layout shows stacked decks when using waveform view (iOS) Overall, these feel like major quality of life improvements for DJs who use the app. UI customization based on user preference (assignable transport bar, play/cue button swapping, etc) has been a constant request of Traktor Pro over the years, but we’re betting that the more modern codebase of Traktor DJ makes such changes a bit more reasonable to implement. What Will The Future Bring for TDJ? First, let’s note something awesome: Traktor development seems to be continuing. It was a bit concerning last year to see all of the layoffs at Native Instruments followed by a likely global recession this year, but releasing an update is a great sign of life. For those wondering what’s really up next with the Traktor DJ project, the team shared a little bit more in their update post: We continue to prioritize what we work on based on your feedback, so please keep the requests and suggestions coming. We don’t have the time to answer every post here right now, but you can trust that we’re still listening. We have another exciting release coming early in the new year that should address a lot of the requests and issues mentioned here on the forum, so stay tuned for that.
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    Kouki - My Body (Radio Cut)

    Few different ways to do it but the easiest way now is to go though distribution platforms like Tunecore, Distrokid, CD Baby etc. It was a bit complicated to set up a proper label when I was going though those hoops with Trump'd (I was in the process of registering with Label Works) but since I scrapped that idea I'm only really putting my own music out I decided to use Distrokid. Some platforms, like Distrokid, don't upload to some places like Beatport so if you wanna put your music everywhere like that you just need to do the research to see which one works for you. They all take different percentages and have different fees too
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    Hey all, I just put together and recorded my latest Progressive Evolution mix. Arguably some of the smoothest mixing I have ever done to date. I really enjoyed putting this one together and hope you enjoy it too. Listen to it here
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    Floorfillers for suburbs?

    Hi there, My apologies if this not the right place to ask this question - I'm just a guy trying to help his kids' (public) Primary School, and I haven't DJed for 20 years! Crikey I feel old saying that. Long story short: I've been asked to play songs at my kids' Primary School Fundraising Night, and I'd like to help them out (I'd be a pretty poor Dad if I didn't!). The crowd will be suburban parents, teachers & their friends, aged late 20s to early 50s I guess. Can anyone please give me the names some songs suitable for that sort of crowd from the last 10 years or so? By way of example, I asked some other parents for suggestions, and apart from the usual suspects (Katy Perry, Pink, Beyonce), someone suggested 'Cake by the Ocean' by DNCE, which sounds brilliant (I think). Thanks in advance for your help. rc40
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    USB to Rekordbox

    @LabRat For me it helps song choice for future events, what sounds good through the headphone in front of a computer isn't always a 5 star at a venue. Hopfully this helps someone else out in the future.
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    USB to Rekordbox

    Paging @Scottie @OxyKon @BeatLeSS @LabRat
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    Back once again for the ..

    Welcome back homie, I've had a recent hiatus myself and find myself back at home in the ADJF community.
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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    if you're looking to have all drive bays filled then you'll need an extra sata slot, most mobos will have 6 at most, unless you spend $300+, then you get 8. There are pci SATA controller cards out there that allow you to have an extra few SATA ports, but I'm not 100% on how they work. mitch might know more
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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    you could salvage your psu, graphics card, fans and case. If you're upgrading to a new cpu, then there's no avoiding having to get a new motherboard and new ram too
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    Free Plugins via Splice

    These are always double-up's of stuff I've posted before but it becomes relevant when it on page one so enjoy these again https://splice.com/plugins/free_plugins?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid-social&utm_campaign=acquisition&utm_content=sounds
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    Thx Scottie I will give it a go, cheers mate.
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    ARMAB057 : Non-Linear - Space Of Variations 1

    Space of Variations 1 , obscure and bland space data transmissions from label mainstay Non-Linear. With 4 variations which open up this journey of sound on chapter one metallic fusion and quirky sounds, mangled vocals and wide picture characterises this release different various interpretations of the data recieved. Techno, for the club, for the trip, for the DJ. Armatura goes back to straight forward delivery and signs future variations to accompany the opening one. Listen / Download on Bandcamp now https://concrete.bandcamp.com/album/space-of-variations-1 Junodownload, Beatport, iTunes, Dj-Shop.. from May 24th 2017.
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    bristles - way jambu

    I haven't heard electro like this in years. Kinda has a french electro vibe but heavier... Everything sits pretty good in here. Mix is pretty good but it just feels a touch heavy in the low mid area. It could have something to do with the bass sound but all in all it's a nice mix
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    This guy also is pretty awesome and has lots of stuff I recall watching way back when Hope these worked, as im at work and get ICT security 'access restricted' so, yeah..... Also I saw there is a manual for that piece of hardware, might be worth having a quick scroll through or find the online manual pdf and 'ctrl + f' and search alot quicker that way
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    After digging through the vault and listening to some old tunes I dug up this little stunner. This was done back in February 2014 and become one of the biggest tracks I made. I popped up snippets on Snapchat a week or so ago but thought I'd take a chance on the upload. I remember Soundcloud removing it a few years ago but tried my luck again. It's a private link but sharing it anyway. I reckon it could do with a bit of a clean up but I've uploaded it in it's original form. Am keen to hear your thoughts on what was a pretty big deal for me back then, and if anyone remembers it then hopefully it fuels the nostalgia!
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    well done buddy. you'll be happy
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    what kinda space have you got to work with? to get all that on 1 desk space is an absolute mission! but i like the idea. however, i think the ideas you have above will be good but if you have the room to work with, what about building an "L" style. technically, it's 1 desk as it's all connected together but the main thing is you'll have room to work. i'm thinking that this will be a bitch for productivity if you've got everything clustered together. the midi keyboard would be good either on the desk or in a slidy draw (or have the computer keyboard that way). i only say that because i have my midi keyboard on my desk with my mac keyboard and it doesn't work well for me. when i'm working on music i have both keyboards side by side. my midi controller is in the centre and the mac keyboard to the left of it. speaker wise, go with speaker stands - 100%. they're height adjustable and they don't take up a great deal of space. if you build boxes you could soundproof them which will be dope but for the ease and convenience the speaker stands will be the best. i'll think some more and see if i can think of an ergonomic way to have everything there but it's gonna be a super tight squeeze
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    Hello to my fellow humans

    G'day Cobba!
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    This is an oldie but decided to share it. Lets see if Soundcloud gives me another strike and removes my account
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    Phoenix - 1901 (bristles remix)

    Feel like I've been spamming lately but had a few tracks on the burner... Last one for a bit I think! Check it out and let me know, you're input has been awesome, so keep it coming
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    Nice work, an album killer. All the best with it hope to see that mix.
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    I spent the last 3 years or so playing nothing but Melbourne bounce so might give it a rest for now haha
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    Cheap Strings Virtual Inst.

    I reckon ay! I've never tried a "virtual instrument" pack type thing.. Not sure exactly how it will work but I'll let you know when I give it a shot
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    Welcome to this selection of loops and samples of Future House scene. Sub-smashing bass-lines, fat drums, incredible leads and insane section of FX are just a small part of what you have at your fingertips with this collection. Fans of artists and labels such as Defected, Spinnin , Ultra,Toolroom , Calvin Harris, Oliver Heldens , Martin Solveig .. Check out the demo and grab your copy http://sounds.beatport.com/pack/essential-future-house-vol-1/15162 https://www.producerloops.com/Download-House-Of-Loop-Essential-Future-House-Vol-1.html https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/wav-samples/essential-future-house-vol-1/
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    Hola from sunny Perth

    Thank you all for the warm welcoming! Sunny Perth is turning it on this week for us all
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    SirBenCharles. (Producer/Dj)

    Hello mate welcome Look forward to hearing more tunes and mixes
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    SirBenCharles. (Producer/Dj)

    Hello fellow Melbournite here
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    yeah looks cool as. The patching software looks a bit tricky though.
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    Best underrated plugins

    S'pose I better kickstart this ... Tone2's Electra synth is awesome and has a nice metallic edge that makes it sound different from other warmer trance n dance machines. It's pretty exxy tho. Also if you're after a good reverb, ValhallaDSP is an awesome small setup with a range of simple but phat sounding reverbs.
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    10min challenge

    try this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqd5s4co544mj37/10min%20drop%20challenge.mov?dl=0
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    Serato v Traktor

    Personally I like Serato if for no other reason than Serato DJ comes bundled with many controllers. Might sound like a silly point, still makes it easier to reinstall and update when you don't have to worry about serial numbers. I've had to reinstall while standing behind my NS7 watching guests turning up to a function - bad time for my gear to play up. In terms of functionality, I like Serato DJ's interface. Easy to use, quick to learn.
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    What's good in DJ headphones at the moment?

    hd 25s are the standard. Make sure you get the OG ones that Andy linked, and not the new silver ones (they have a different driver in them and aren't as good apparently). You can also get the model with the coiled cable (hd25-ii-c or something??) if you prefer that over the straight cable. They come with a carry bag, but not a hard case. You can get the UDG headphone case if you want a more durable case - https://www.storedj.com.au/Search?ProductSearch=udg%20headphone
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    DIY Home Recording Studio Desk.

    Is that the couch from Casting Couch? What sort of 'studio' are you running here?
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