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    OSX 11 - Big Sur / M1 Silicone Chip

    If anyone is thinking of updating to Big Sur or upgrading your system to a new Mac with the M1 chip you may wish to hold off a little longer, unless you're using native Apple apps such as Logic Pro, Final Cut etc. I'm on the look out to do both, update my MBP to Big Sur and invest in a Mac mini with the M1 chip. I've been keeping my eye on what's compatible and what isn't and nothing much has changed in the last month or so, so I would suggest if you're thinking of doing the same just wait until maybe mid-year. In the meantime, if you're interested, jump onto Roaring Apps and search the applications you often use and their compatibility with Big Sur and with the M1 chip. New technology is exciting but also a massive pain in the ass for existing software. Hope this little tool helps anyone looking to upgrade.
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    Rotorcraft Jan 2021 mix

    Thanks mate - bringing it back for 2021! Appreciate the repost .
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    Rotorcraft Jan 2021 mix

    Rotorcraft is back! Will have a listen on tomorrow's drive
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