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    Hey everyone. This is a track I made for a remix competition, except I finished it too late haha, I decided to put it up anyway since I really like it. I hope you guys can listen to it, your support would really mean so much to me. I wish you guys all the best. Owen.
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    Pioneer CDJ-3000

    Great timing given most clubs are shut and what not, but Pioneer have nevertheless released the CDJ-3000. https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-au/product/player/cdj-3000/black/overview/ AUD4000 a piece.
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    Pioneer CDJ-3000

    The 2000's for the usb were great. Definitely made taking your collection from venue to venue so much easier. Everything after that became wank and it was Pioneer cashing in on the market. Fair play to them but I feel this thing isn't required
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    EQ Cheat Sheets

    Saw these online, thought I’d share here.
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    Pioneer CDJ-3000

    Yeah I can’t see many places adopting these until the current units start to fail/need replacing. Nothing compared to the CDJ1000 -> 2000 where they introduced USB sticks (i.e. game changer).
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