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    Stanton ST150 Turntable Rebuild

    Ladies, Gents and esteemed guests; I pulled my turntables out of storage the other week to find that after a year and a half of being tucked away, something ridiculous happened to all the plastics and rubber parts. I'm not sure what caused it but it became all sticky and gross. The base and all the buttons were stuffed. It's like that feeling when you pull off a sticker after a long time and all the adhesive is left behind. I plugged them in to make sure they still work and so far so good but I didn't want to keep them in this condition. After ringing around for parts and such it became increasingly difficult to find anyone who cared. I called the distributer and they said they may have some second hand bits laying around but no bueno so I decided to pull them apart and clean them up myself. Since they were going to be apart, I've decided that I'm going to wrap the faceplate and do the dicer mod! Quick Note - make sure you keep everything labeled! Take lots of photos and put any parts in labeled zip lock bags so the assembly is much easier Here's as they were when I pulled them out of storage You might be able to see the difference in the plastic. The shinier side is where I scrapped a bit of the adhesive off, and the matte is the gunk. So time to dismantle. There's next to no information about these online so it's a guessing game at the moment. The platter pops right off revealing a few screws. Since I'm wrapping the face plate I need to remove the screws (which I've already done around the platter) the other 4 are unnecessary. There's about 10 screws holding the base together. You can see by the finger prints how stuffed these are Once the screws are out, you can wiggle the base off. Try not to yank it when doing so. Be gentle, it'll come off I'm skipping a massive part here but can go int greater detail if requested. It's good to have an old pillow to rest the face plate down on as the hardness of a table could damage the tone arm, buttons or circuitry. To make a long story short, the tone arm isn't clipped in, it's straight wires from the circuit board right through to the carts. This makes it a bit difficult to remove. You'll require a soldering iron here and some basic soldering skills. It's best to melt the solder on the circuit board to remove the wires. I accidentally snapped mine. It's very easy to do as the wires are so thin so be careful. So this is my current situation. I need to clean all my parts now so it'll be some time before I post updates. Once the parts are cleaned I'll be wrapping the face plate and replacing the decals on the face too. Unfortunately the cleaning product you need to use will remove all text and any kind of printed labels or stickers so you'll need to have these remade if you want to keep them in the future. As I work in the sign and graphics industry this is easy and cheap for me to do myself. I'll probably be doing some custom labels on it rather than replacing the original logos but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully in my next update I'll have my colour chosen too
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    Kouki - Only One [Trump'd Music]

    Since my absence from the music industry I never had a second thought to write or release anything or promote another party. It's been 3 years now and since I sold my car I've been looking for another hobby to fill in my boredom. I fired up Trump'd again on a VERY small scale. There's a few releases under the Trump'd banner ready to go, which I'll post through out the year. My commitment levels are no where near what they were when I was full-time and I have no idea what's relevant but I'm gonna put out some tunes anyway. Here's the latest one. It's only available via stream on Spotify and Apple Music (amongst others). Once I sort out my distribution to Beatport I'll probably put out some DJ friendly versions for the venues and such. Enjoy.
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    Bedroom Dj ready for the next step!

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of advice out there for you to take, but most of it will be irrelevant to your experience. What I mean is, you will not absorb most of it until years to come. However the most straight forward advice I have for you is the following... Start simple, remain humble, work your networks. A philosophy I live by in almost every application in my life. Starting simple; learning the basics inside out. Beat matching, phrasing, in key and out of key mixing, watching proper DJs LIVE and don't learn bad habits or attitudes. Remain humble; keep your ego in check. The reality of DJing is that there will always be someone out there that is better or more unique than you in their own way. Find your product and work with that. Work your networks; expand your social boundaries, attend events of multiple genres, meet and greet people with no hidden agenda. If you get these down for the next 6-12-24 months you may create an opportunity to play your first live set. Remember, it isn't entirely about what you know in this industry, more who you know. So you need to create that in order for it to happen. However, backing it up with a skill set that is impressive shows you mean business. Because ultimately DJing is a business. You wouldn't go into your day job and only do half the work... I'll have a listen to your mixes, I would suggest you make a post for your latest one in a thread here on the forums. Just make sure it goes into the right section
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    Nice mix there mate!
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    ADJF Meat Mix Playlist

    All meat mixes in one handy playlist
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    Just an FYI, this set is also hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass, glitch hop etc
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    Pawn & Co 21-08-16

    Got a recording of my set from last night up. Was opening set (7pm), so bit more downtempo with a (significant) hint of disco vibe. Enjoy
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    About Her

    This is cool. I get where @Narukami is coming from - I thought it was going to drop into a 4x4 garage track during that first build/peak. But you pulled it back
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    Hey all, I just put together and recorded my latest Progressive Evolution mix. Arguably some of the smoothest mixing I have ever done to date. I really enjoyed putting this one together and hope you enjoy it too. Listen to it here
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    USB to Rekordbox

    @LabRat For me it helps song choice for future events, what sounds good through the headphone in front of a computer isn't always a 5 star at a venue. Hopfully this helps someone else out in the future.
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    CapFive - Mix Your Heart Out (Electro)

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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    if you're looking to have all drive bays filled then you'll need an extra sata slot, most mobos will have 6 at most, unless you spend $300+, then you get 8. There are pci SATA controller cards out there that allow you to have an extra few SATA ports, but I'm not 100% on how they work. mitch might know more
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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    you could salvage your psu, graphics card, fans and case. If you're upgrading to a new cpu, then there's no avoiding having to get a new motherboard and new ram too
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    Hey guys, Im Kevin from the Netherlands, I perform as Mr Green and I play Drum n' Bass and Dubstep (predominantly Dnb). I just got into Sydney for work and travelling and have been here for 2 months now, and I'm really missing being able to boot the cdjs and hit the decks. I am currently looking for someone that is keen to chill, has some decks wants to make music every now and then. I recently got signed to an Amsterdam label as a performer, and I have to get my production on level as well to get things going on another level. So if there is anyone here keen on having some European Dnb influences, some chilling, a good (music) talk, a dutchie, show me some producing, recording mixes, I am all down for it.
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    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Well a few decent posed up photos with a bit of photoshop glam and our fav diva should do the trick. There's no community feel for others on the board I reckon, we have too tight of a group here and need to somehow make it appealing, welcome and warm. We're brutish because we're close, a boys club if you will, and in the realm of PC/PR it's probably damaging.
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    Mobile DJ - Microphone Advice

    Never used wireless mic. Still got my SM58
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    Back with annoying music

    The story goes; Wanted to upload something to soundcloud. I found this. The end. Free download - Enjoy
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    Copyright is getting outrageous now. I get it but it seems like these big wigs have way too much power now
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    Rinse FM Archive disappears off Soundcloud

    SoundCloud is a disaster. The concept is amazing and a lot of us have benefited from it but this is a joke now. I've had originals pulled and the worst part is they don't take your dispute claims seriously. That's what's tipped me over the edge with those cock heads. Unfortunately it's just convenient to upload to it and share atm.
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    The new 'promo my shit on social' thread

    Soundcloud repost, Facebook and Twitter posts @Bristles
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    After digging through the vault and listening to some old tunes I dug up this little stunner. This was done back in February 2014 and become one of the biggest tracks I made. I popped up snippets on Snapchat a week or so ago but thought I'd take a chance on the upload. I remember Soundcloud removing it a few years ago but tried my luck again. It's a private link but sharing it anyway. I reckon it could do with a bit of a clean up but I've uploaded it in it's original form. Am keen to hear your thoughts on what was a pretty big deal for me back then, and if anyone remembers it then hopefully it fuels the nostalgia!
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    what kinda space have you got to work with? to get all that on 1 desk space is an absolute mission! but i like the idea. however, i think the ideas you have above will be good but if you have the room to work with, what about building an "L" style. technically, it's 1 desk as it's all connected together but the main thing is you'll have room to work. i'm thinking that this will be a bitch for productivity if you've got everything clustered together. the midi keyboard would be good either on the desk or in a slidy draw (or have the computer keyboard that way). i only say that because i have my midi keyboard on my desk with my mac keyboard and it doesn't work well for me. when i'm working on music i have both keyboards side by side. my midi controller is in the centre and the mac keyboard to the left of it. speaker wise, go with speaker stands - 100%. they're height adjustable and they don't take up a great deal of space. if you build boxes you could soundproof them which will be dope but for the ease and convenience the speaker stands will be the best. i'll think some more and see if i can think of an ergonomic way to have everything there but it's gonna be a super tight squeeze
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    Hello to my fellow humans

    G'day Cobba!
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    Not knowing anyone is gonna be a bit tricky so on to part 2, have you got money? If you have some money to spare you can hire a venue for a night. I would suggest getting out there and meeting people. I know a lot of people say that but it's pretty much the 1 thing that matters the most, building good relationships. I met a guy one night when I was running my own night. We had a chat and a few weeks later we had a tune signed and it did ok. He expanded his network base and started playing in venues while he was here so it's a big help
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    This is an oldie but decided to share it. Lets see if Soundcloud gives me another strike and removes my account
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    Phoenix - 1901 (bristles remix)

    Feel like I've been spamming lately but had a few tracks on the burner... Last one for a bit I think! Check it out and let me know, you're input has been awesome, so keep it coming
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    hello and good evening

    It was ,,, gr8 m8s ,, champion legend if u dont tink so check ur sissa
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    pretty good read. having been to many basketball games (mainly sydney kings and sydney flames) the music can really add enjoyment. the hey days of having a band and rodney O was probably the best. though when i was in syd during november, my younger brother and i took his daughter to a kings game. she had soo much fun, singing to every chant and dancing to the music.
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    Hi there guys. Just letting everyone know that the MC7000 hits Australia next week (20th December 2016).
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    DJing and MCing

    I only take wedding bookings from couples that require an MC too and that's around 45 weddings per year. I do lots of interaction with the wedding guests at their tables plus i play interactive games and its a big part of my wedding package. If your clients are looking for an upbeat and fun night, once you've got the confidence to do so there is alot more spontaneous fun to be back with the guests with a microphone
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    Hola from sunny Perth

    Thank you all for the warm welcoming! Sunny Perth is turning it on this week for us all
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    SirBenCharles. (Producer/Dj)

    Hello mate welcome Look forward to hearing more tunes and mixes
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    OxyKon - FNCP House Set August 5th 2016

    synced in chat boss wubs
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    Lab Rat & Forgone - The Druids

    Knocked out a few Tech House-ish kinda tunes. New one is out now https://www.beatport.com/release/the-druids/1815971
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    The 'ADJF Radio - I'm going live!' Thread

    we sync mixes during the week so live shit would be doap
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    Habitat DJ comp

    sup sup i've entered a dj comp coz i think it would be mad fun! here's my entry. i will try commit to other mixes in das future now i have a bit of time for the moment i forgot to save the tracklist so i'll have to go into traktor and hope it's still in there
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    7 Uplifting Songs!

    This was pretty bloody cool! You speak really well and are really good to listen to. But if you are going to talk about songs you really need to have them in the video. Pretty sure you can use excepts when referencing songs. As long as you aren't using the full song.
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    7 Uplifting Songs!

    you need to host your own radio show
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    the raspberry pi 2 & 3 have 4 usb ports, ethernet and hdmi but the 3 has onboard wifi as well. you'd be looking at buying it from ebay, easiest. $60 - $70 ish for the board. if you want a bundle with case, sd card, cables etc.. thats about $100+ the plus side of a bundled package is sometimes they flash the sd card with raspbian (debian for raspberry pi) but thats easy as fuck to do. cases for the pi are like $10 and sd cards are like $15 for a 16gb.
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    reconceptualization - #1

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    ADJF 2016 Meat - Cairns - 17-21 March

    Nice chatting to you lads! Enjoy tonight, and someone try and catch up to Scottie haha.
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    DIY Home Recording Studio Desk.

    Is that the couch from Casting Couch? What sort of 'studio' are you running here?
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    The "I just bought.." Thread

    Soooooo pretty!
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    The new forum layout is (somewhat) live

    So far I'm aware that some topics are 503'ing and that VIP might not be accessible yet (I have to setup the groups again). Also can obviously see that avatars aren't quite working for everyone.
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    Serato v Traktor

    Either will be fine. However I suggest learning by not using any of the info on the screen, as it makes it harder to step up to other equipment, and you don't learn what you're actually doing properly
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    Worst Mobile Gig List

    ok I'll start with one. I have worse ones than this... I have a fairly extensive setup and takes me around a good hr to setup. Alway get to gigs a little early. Wedding in Williamstown. Get to gig upstairs so have to cart all the gear up etc. Bloody hot day too. 45 mins later almost all set to go, speak to owner and mention Grooms name. He says what? That's not his name. Blood runs from my face. A quick check and I realise I am at a similar named function room and although its a wedding it ain't my one!! Realise my mistake in a flash, pull down in 20mins rush off to right venue, by this time sweating like a pig. Murphys Law of course this gig is upstairs to but at least they have a lift. Long story short. Was MCing this one too and you dont want to get a Wedding wrong, they don't forgive you!!! I was a wreck for an hr afterwards. The B and Groom didn't know any different and it was a happy ending. Lesson learnt. ALWAYS double check names on table etc to make sure you are at the right gig! And ALWAYS leave room for error with setup time.
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