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    Music genre’s and locations

    Hey dude! Yeah there's a few common names that float around here. So DJing wise, I started when I was 15 and started doing 16, 18 and 21st parties and stuff. Moved into the wedding scene but hated it so entered a few dj comps and started playing in nightclubs. It's a pretty hard gig here in Perth. Breaking into the scene is pretty much like anywhere else but on a much smaller scale. I started playing in venues when I was 19 and pulled the pin when I was about 26. I had a decent run but I there were a few people that didn't want me around and drove me out of the biz. Kinda sucks but I'm happier this way. It was getting real messy towards the end and I was losing all the passion I had for it. Producing wise, probably been doing it as long as I've been djing. I have some stuff floating around the usual online stores, had some of my tracks played by some Aussie big wigs back in the day which is always nice. I also played alongside a few of them. I felt stuck here in Perth, like I couldn't progress any further than where I already got. The scene here changes at a rapid pace too so unless you adapt you really have a short life span. But that's ok coz I played some killer shows and broke some hearts (other djs egos) in the process so I'm happy with that 🙂 I'm still claiming I was the only DJ to ever have an encore at my last residency haha I'm also claiming that I promoted one of the biggest Saturday night events the city had seen in recent memory. I'm willing to debate that with anyone that thinks otherwise 😂 All that aside, I still dabble in a bit here and there but definitely not taking it as serious as I once was. Having said that, I have been fishing around for the motivation to get back into it so we'll see what happens in the future. So that's a super small and watered down version of my life. Who's next?
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    Any tips on mixing Techno?

    No offense intended with this reply, I am blunt like the back end of an axe. But like @LabRat stated, mixing Techno is not all that difficult. I'm going to make an educated assumption that you're perhaps not used to mixing tracks for more than 15 to 30 seconds? Mixing Techno is similar in a way to mixing Trance where you are mixing 1min to 2mins to even 3mins depending on the tracks and what you want to do with them. Now, you do need to take this with a grain of salt because everyone is different and apply their own mixing styles to the genre they're mixing. Techno is one of those genres that you can have 3 or 4 tracks playing at once. Best person to watch live doing this is Carl Cox, which I would suggest you do. That would fix your phrasing issues. As for your beat matching, I can't answer that one. It is one of the most basic skills you need to hone on your own. Pay attention to the BPM you set your pitch fader to. Make sure they are accurate. Time and practise will show you that you'll be able to do most beat matching on the fly and it will become muscle memory. I'm not sure if you will make sense of this, but I'll deconstruct how I mix two typical Techno tracks together. Let's say that Track A is playing at a typical 128BPM and is in a D major key. Assuming that you're either using Traktor, Serato or Rekordbox; you will be able to see the waveform of the track giving you an indication where the breakdowns and main parts of the track are. Because I have been DJing for many years you can almost always assume (genre depending) that a track outro for a Techno track starts around the 2min30sec/2min/1min30sec/1min depending on how the track was produced. You'll be able to figure this out by looking at the waveform's or knowing your music (which all DJs should). From there you'll have your cue point to mix Track B from. Now Track B is also at 128BPM, but is in an A-flat major key. If you know about how to key mix you'll know that these keys can be harmonious and sound natural provided that the tracks have been produced with an intro/outro staying in the one key (clashing keys are never good). On the incoming track I tend to look at the intro wave form and set cue points around the 30 second mark, 1 min mark depending what I want to do. As Track A approaches my desired cue point, I hit play, make sure the track is beat matching with the fader B down in my headphones. Once that is all good, I mix the track in with all the EQs down and the fader up using the booth monitors to mix it all in keeping and ear for that beat wondering if it ever happens. Lets be honest it rarely happens with controllers unless the producer who made the track is a douche or the software has been configured incorrectly. Last thing I will say to you is this though, reading all the advice is a great tool to put theory to practise, but being shown hands on what has been said ^ up here puts you hours ahead of learning on your own. I hope that helps you mate, if you have questions I'm hanging around
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    Kouki - Only One [Trump'd Music]

    Since my absence from the music industry I never had a second thought to write or release anything or promote another party. It's been 3 years now and since I sold my car I've been looking for another hobby to fill in my boredom. I fired up Trump'd again on a VERY small scale. There's a few releases under the Trump'd banner ready to go, which I'll post through out the year. My commitment levels are no where near what they were when I was full-time and I have no idea what's relevant but I'm gonna put out some tunes anyway. Here's the latest one. It's only available via stream on Spotify and Apple Music (amongst others). Once I sort out my distribution to Beatport I'll probably put out some DJ friendly versions for the venues and such. Enjoy.
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    USB to Rekordbox

    Thank for the help @Scottie and @Cupe, I read through that section of the manual and that didn’t work for me, none of the star rating changed. What I did stumbled across that worked was this, Step 1: Insert the USB device Step 2: Expand the playlist I want the update Step 3: Click the track or tracks I want, I clicked track 1, scrolled to the bottom, held shift and click the last track (100 in total) Step 4: Right click and select *Update Collection* Step 5: Done Seems so simple now, cheers for the help tho fellas!
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    Audio Technica LS50iS Review

    So I picked up these yesterday and got to give them a good test today. Model - ATH-LS50iS I've worn these today for a good 3-4 hours or so while working on a job. Usually when using in-ear monitors (headphones... whatever) they seem to tenderise your earholes a little and it starts to get uncomfortable. These, surprisingly, felt really comfortable and I didn't experience a lot of discomfort. I took them out of my ears about 10mins ago and they feel great. I rate the sound of these as the best in-ear monitors I've ever had. Unlike most other manufactures (SOL Republic and Senheiser to target only 2) they don't focus on a specific frequency ranges. The SOL's for example are very mid heavy and, on a personal opinion, make the listening experience quite un-pleasurable. Most of the Senny's tend to focus on clarity in the top end which can affect the lower frequencies. The LS50's have a flat EQ and the sound is perfect! I purchased the blue ones above. They come in a few different colours but my only options were blue and red. The picture on the box is a little misleading, showing the product to be a more flat and somewhat brushed look rather than a rich glossy colour. That's the only disappointing thing about these. They're comfortable, they sound great and, despite the colour mix up from box to product, look quite nice. They have a play / pause button which also answers calls and it feels pretty nice. They wrap over your ear, whether they help support the ear piece or not, it's pretty cool. They sit nicely in the ear and come with a few extra buds and a nice leather / pleather bag. They cost me $130 from JB HiFi and worth the bucks. I've been through a few disappointing pairs so I'm super chuffed I finally found some that sound perfect!
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    Bedroom Dj ready for the next step!

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of advice out there for you to take, but most of it will be irrelevant to your experience. What I mean is, you will not absorb most of it until years to come. However the most straight forward advice I have for you is the following... Start simple, remain humble, work your networks. A philosophy I live by in almost every application in my life. Starting simple; learning the basics inside out. Beat matching, phrasing, in key and out of key mixing, watching proper DJs LIVE and don't learn bad habits or attitudes. Remain humble; keep your ego in check. The reality of DJing is that there will always be someone out there that is better or more unique than you in their own way. Find your product and work with that. Work your networks; expand your social boundaries, attend events of multiple genres, meet and greet people with no hidden agenda. If you get these down for the next 6-12-24 months you may create an opportunity to play your first live set. Remember, it isn't entirely about what you know in this industry, more who you know. So you need to create that in order for it to happen. However, backing it up with a skill set that is impressive shows you mean business. Because ultimately DJing is a business. You wouldn't go into your day job and only do half the work... I'll have a listen to your mixes, I would suggest you make a post for your latest one in a thread here on the forums. Just make sure it goes into the right section
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    MKTO - Thank You (Lab Rat Bootleg)

    Sup fam New booty up on the interballs. Soundcloud removed this one instantly so it's up on HearThis. I need to get this out like spam so any share would be much appreciated Free download without the gate https://hearthis.at/whoislabrat/thank-you-lab-rat-bootleg/
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    How to practice for club without CDJ's

    1. Make friends with someone with CDJ's. 2. Rent some for a weekend from Store DJ or something.
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    Free New Year Edit!

    Here's a little something I'm giving out for your new year fun times https://hearthis.at/whoislabrat/9pm-combat-lab-rat-edit/
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    Focusrite Scarlett OS X Mojave

    Got it sorted. Had it going through a USB hub which had no issues with previous laptop & OS X Yosemite... Different combination of cables/adapters etc. got it sorted
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    *Live* Kick on's mix

    tbh I appreciate that you're sticking around and contributing quality conversation and content. It's getting hard to keep this place cranking. Thanks
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    Nice mix there mate!
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    Music genre’s and locations

    Located in Brisbane. Love anything with a broken beat first and foremost mid tempo, Glitch Hop and Ghetto Funk particularly but have been finding low tempo bass emerging well lately. Have a collection of most genres that have been dug from the depths over the years with different flavours to it that I love spinning.
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    Music genre’s and locations

    i was witness to this so can confirm. i started out from friends of mine who showed me the ways of vinyl, then i met @LabRat through a Tafe connection when we DJ'd a fundraiser which was 8yrs ago, he introduced me to this forum and they havent been able to get rid of me since LOL. I spin mainly Drum & Bass, hardcore Dubstep (Rapestep or whatever you want to call it), bit of breakbeat and hip hop on the side. Like labrat i too got sick of the Perth scene, too many tards that will stab you in the back or not look openly on other people who are trying to break into the scene with talent, it's all who you know. Labrat and I also had a residency at a local online radio station which we got a few gigs from but that fell in the ass after about 2yrs. I don't mix as much i used to, but i drop something every now and then, mainly in the 3rd weekend of March of every year
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    Pics of your Set-up

    As a new member it's only fair I contribute to the set up thread 🤙 Currently I have the XJD-RX2 with 2x JBL 3 series LSR308 with Sennheiser HD25's headphones, some LED strips and a little RGB in the corner. I also have a few indoor plants like palms and elephant ears that are usually behind the decks and in the corners to give it more of a calmative effect. On a side note, scrolling through the 105 pages in this thread, the evolution of the technology is incredible!!
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    USB to Rekordbox

    Maybe this? https://rekordbox.com/_app/files/img/rekordbox4.0.0manual_en1001g.pdf If you update the star rating on the decks, then unplug the USB and then plug it back into the decks, has the star rating stayed updated?
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    I finally tracked down one of my fav songs from @Cupe's Journey mixes.
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    ADJF Meat Mix Playlist

    All meat mixes in one handy playlist
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    New mobile DJ

    Welcome. You need equipment, you need music, and you need to know what you're doing! So with that basic stuff out of the way, you don't really need any kind of licenses even though you should probably register to APRA. APRA distributes royalties to the artists when their music has been broadcast. You'll be required to fill in a performance report every time you play and submit it to them. I don't know anyone that does it though but it's food for thought. You need an ABN if you wish to do such work. Just like starting any business really. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. If you're new to DJing you're definitely heading that way by starting a mobile DJ business. I say this with all respects of course because we've all been here. I can only assume you have very little to no experience so I would strongly recommend you learn the ropes and figure out how to mix first. All the fancy new gear pretty much mixes for you but it's still very important you learn these things. I'm sure there's a million, 101 guides online so partnering that with practise you should be able to pick this up quite quickly. Good luck!
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    There used to be an old thread for promoting ADJF users' mixes and tracks across the ADJF social media accounts but I cbf finding it. Keep posting your content in new threads in The Music section but also link it here so I get a notification. I can post on our Twitter and Facebook and Souncloud etc to give you more exposure. Feel free to catch up on already posted stuff and link new stuff when it's up. Always include your username/handles for each platform so I can tag you too.
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    Hi all!

    Hi guys, Pretty new to these forums, but looks like there's some cool stuff. Nice to meet you all. I've been DJing for about 2 years now and have played at a few events across Sydney. I'd probably describe my sound as 'deep, soulful, tribal'. Keen to start learning production as well. Hopefully can pick a few things up from here and meet some cool people. Love, vibes and peace, Roger
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    Ableton DPI Fix - Windows

    Hi there all. If you are upgrading your PC hardware and getting on board with higher resolution displays you will encounter an issue with your DPI settings and possibly blurry text within Ableton. What I run hardware wise is: Windows 10, i7 4790K, 16GB RAM, GTX-960 4GB, 5 x 240GB SSD and a 40" 4K LG panel. The issue I was having was while creating automation in the Arrangement View, my mouse would move sporadically making it impossible to plot anything accurately. This was only present after I upgraded from a 1080p display to my now 4K display. This issue is for Windows 8 through to Windows 10 and generally happens when the Windows Zoom settings are different from 100% The other issue that could present itself is that Ableton Live's GUI appears blurry or out-of-focus. I didn't have this issue however, but the fix below fixes both issues. The solution is pretty simple: Locate the application "C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Program" Right click on the Ableton Live program and select properties Click the compatibility tab Check the box 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' Click apply and OK. Hope this helps for those wanting to upgrade to higher resolution displays.
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    Hip Hop Evolution

    so the day after my work Christmas Party i was that hungover that i couldn't do anything other than watch Netflix, at the time all i felt like watching was the Fresh Prince, but stumbled upon this gem, wondering if any other hip hop heads on here has seen it, cause i was fucking HOOKED, watched all 5 episodes. If you love hip hop, i highly recommend you watch this. Calling @Cupe @wazza @eggssell @Duz @RichoKiddand any other hip hop heads i may have forgotten, check the series out!!!!!
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    Any tips on mixing Techno?

    that's bizarre actually but i guess it does happen. it's not overly complicated man. try mixing house and work your way into techno. the principles are very much the same so just keep practising. try not to over-think what you're doing either
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    Hello to my fellow humans

    Hey man welcome! I'm from Mandurah myself, living up north at the moment but still get down there a couple times a year
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    New Studio Project

    Between this and my car things have been a bit hectic lately but as the bulk of this is done, I thought I'd share some pics. I gotta get some more bits and when I do I'll update this thread. I need to apologise about the lack of pics too. I don't have many from back in the days so we're gonna go waaayyy back lol Some of you may remember things looking like this. Picture is from many years ago now Since 90% of that stuff doesn't exist anymore, that whole section was going to waste so I decided that was going to be my new studio location as where I was (lack of pic) was utter shit. After some planning and "careful" consideration, I started hacking. I removed everything apart from the left side box and that was more of a structural decision more than anything else. Then I made new supports for the bench top and a leg down the side to hold the weight. Bench top back on Everything plugged back in. I can finally get rid of those Berry Truths I use to have and start using my Fostex again. I gotta do something about those cables into the sub but everything else is tucked away nicely so it doesn't look like a total eye-sore! At the moment I have old phone books (coz no one cares about those anymore) under my speakers to give them some extra height and dampening. There's enough pages there for them to work quite well. I'm getting a new midi controller (just gonna go 49 key because I can't fit a 61 key there) and I gotta find some foam / sound proofing to put on the wall. I used a pillow between the sub and the new side panel and it works a treat. The sound is already so much better in this new lay out. Not just the speakers but there's so much less phasing and mud from my old set up. The sound travels a lot better and will continue to get better as I find all the mushy spots and pad them up. I apologise for the bland description of everything but thought it would be good to show you guys the new workstation.
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    ADJF Pro Soundcloud account costs

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    Phoenix - 1901 (bristles remix)

    only spamming if you drop and run mate lol i like it. the kick is at a nicer level in comparison to the last track i heard. i reckon it could still be a bit louder so as the bass comes in it doesn't get washed away by it but it's better than the last track. it's got a cool vibe and i kinda like the fact there's just a bass line as a "drop" but if you're gonna do that try experimenting with some other interesting bits to throw in the background of it so it give those sections a bit more movement. never the less, still some good work my friend
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    Just an FYI, this set is also hip hop, dubstep, drum & bass, glitch hop etc
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    New Router suggestions.

    Do you want a new router, or just better wireless? As it's an nbn service, you have to use the provided device as a modem at least, and put it in bridge mode to connect the router. If you just get a new wireless AP you can just plug that in and off you go. I use a billion router/wireless at home. Performance isn't the newest/greatest/best, but it's wireless n which gets faster than 100mbps, which is better than the speed of your connection anyway. Stability is rock rolid. Ubiquiti make great networking products, which is what I use a lot at work. They only sell wireless APs and routers as separate devices, which is why I mentioned all the above.
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    A few more freebies

    2 more little gems for free on PluginBoutique... I should get royalties for all my advertising lately! http://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/27-Stereo-Width/3044-MSW1 - Stereo enhancer.. Pretty cool for individual tracks, not so much the master from what I've seen.. http://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/49-Echo/2393-Reverser-Snapin - Reverse reverb.. pretty much makes your sounds flip and suck back into themselves type of thing, seems pretty legit! Enjoy
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    Cheap Strings Virtual Inst.

    http://imgur.com/a/4xzla It's pretty cool, especially as it is so cheap.. It has LFO Modulation for Amp, Pitch and Filter, a few built in effects and a fair amount of really pro orchestral sounds.. Very warm and organic! Give it a shot for sure
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    Cheap Strings Virtual Inst.

    PluginBoutique has a sale for this Strings Virtual Instrument.. Only $1US.. Picked up Xpand!2 for the same price a while back and I think that it is on sale again too.. Strings has over 9gb of sounds to be played - I downloaded last night, will be giving it a go when I'm not stuck at work.. http://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/64-Virtual-Instrument/1845-Orchestral-Companion-Strings It's always good to get some extra sounds for $1.50 or so!
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    Pawn & Co 21-08-16

    Got a recording of my set from last night up. Was opening set (7pm), so bit more downtempo with a (significant) hint of disco vibe. Enjoy
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    scratching practice

    ADJF - Tinder for DJs, since 2008
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    About Her

    I've never shared anything like this before. I have so much unheard music that I write I figured I'd share one - and i'm pretty nervous about it. I have a completely different side to bangers and usually when i write about someone or i just wanna get some emotions out i end up writing anything that flows. please let me know what you think! i'd appreciate it much more than my bangers haha i don't feel this properly belongs in this sections but it was too chill to put anywhere else
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    About Her

    That was pretty fucking good!!! Wasn't expecting that. I'm not much for downtempo stuff, but I enjoyed that.
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    About Her

    This is cool. I get where @Narukami is coming from - I thought it was going to drop into a 4x4 garage track during that first build/peak. But you pulled it back
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    About Her

    This was pretty nice, the vocals are really swell and the bass is cool! I also really like the way the sax sounds. Overall vibes are really really chill. I dig it man If I could give one criticism though is that it's a bit too exciting. I can hear you using your bounce production methods on this track. Imo, songs like these need more subtleties and the production that's a bit more conserved and laid back.
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    Progressive/Dark Mix

    Tight mix here. The tunes flow nicely and the levels are pretty even throughout. No real complaints here. Nice job!
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    an ADJF meet

    This will never work
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    Send me tv make/model and I'll sort it m8
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    Buy one quality deck for now ie techs, str150, vestax etc and make sure your fader has adjustable slope. play instrumentals off a laptop or something into one channel and practice your cuts before you worry about juggles and stuff. this mixer would be fine https://www.storedj.com.au/products/BEH-VMX200USB and one or a pair of these https://www.storedj.com.au/products/AUD-LP120 that would be an ample first set up. dont procrastabate just jump in and get hands on!
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    mate you're trying to save money, so just deal with whatever fader and cap comes with the cheap mixer you're buying they all do cross fading because that's what they're designed to do Every fader has its limit. Just fucking buy one and find out what that limit is! (Then start saving again because the next time 'round you're going to be hunting proper/good gear)
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    fresh as farkkk, so pro p.s. WHALE
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    The new forum layout is (somewhat) live

    ok the gap under quotes now works properly @Kodiak
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    Looking damn good now.
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    what kinda space have you got to work with? to get all that on 1 desk space is an absolute mission! but i like the idea. however, i think the ideas you have above will be good but if you have the room to work with, what about building an "L" style. technically, it's 1 desk as it's all connected together but the main thing is you'll have room to work. i'm thinking that this will be a bitch for productivity if you've got everything clustered together. the midi keyboard would be good either on the desk or in a slidy draw (or have the computer keyboard that way). i only say that because i have my midi keyboard on my desk with my mac keyboard and it doesn't work well for me. when i'm working on music i have both keyboards side by side. my midi controller is in the centre and the mac keyboard to the left of it. speaker wise, go with speaker stands - 100%. they're height adjustable and they don't take up a great deal of space. if you build boxes you could soundproof them which will be dope but for the ease and convenience the speaker stands will be the best. i'll think some more and see if i can think of an ergonomic way to have everything there but it's gonna be a super tight squeeze
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