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  1. CBG

    I'm baaaack

    Just stopping by to admire Cupe's handy work. Looks great on iOS! How is everyone? Who's still around?
  2. haha. better late than never. thanks, as always mate
  3. Hey guys! My latest EP came out last friday, it's climbed it's way to #7 in the minimal charts pretty quickly, #77 in techno & #61 in Progressive House. PLEASE HELP and support me & the remix artists and purchase the track through Beatport. I'd love to get top 5 with this one! http://www.beatport.com/release/kids/1004366
  4. Really pumped for this one! Got some massive remixes including Keith Carnal's from Holland. Yeahhh boyyyy http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/kids_ep
  5. http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/simple My best perc track by far!!
  6. thanks very much mate, muuuuch appreciated.Yeah I've gotten a good response from that one
  7. Should make the journey to TFU one night bro. Will blow you away
  8. Cheers mate! Yeah, thanks for coming that night. Although not a gig I'll remember forever , thats for sure haha. Appreciate the support
  9. Hey guys!! Just put together a set of all my downloadable tracks. http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/sets/f ... ort-fb-com Your support so far has been great, every bit is appreciated and I'll always make sure you to thanks in any way I can. Sometimes it gets me down how much off topic content there is here, but in the end thats what keeps us all here and stimulating the site, day in day out. As a grass roots member of this site, I can see it has really grown and developed! I started this site the same time i begun producing, so some of you have seen my entire progression. Saying that, I've also been able to see guys like Chev, Tomy and JonnyB take their careers to amazing places and there is definitely no stopping us! The best part is, we've all stayed fairly close and we've managed to remove the stigmata of online forums; where we are all just dudes on keyboards. I've met about 5 of you, which is mad. Anyways... thats enough from me. Just thought i'd stop by and say thanks and please keep up the support. I may not be around as much anymore, working 4 jobs... but I do still call this place home http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/sets/f ... ort-fb-com
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