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  1. CBG

    I'm baaaack

    Just stopping by to admire Cupe's handy work. Looks great on iOS! How is everyone? Who's still around?
  2. haha. better late than never. thanks, as always mate
  3. Hey guys! My latest EP came out last friday, it's climbed it's way to #7 in the minimal charts pretty quickly, #77 in techno & #61 in Progressive House. PLEASE HELP and support me & the remix artists and purchase the track through Beatport. I'd love to get top 5 with this one! http://www.beatport.com/release/kids/1004366
  4. Really pumped for this one! Got some massive remixes including Keith Carnal's from Holland. Yeahhh boyyyy http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/kids_ep
  5. http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/simple My best perc track by far!!
  6. This is coming out... Mid sep for anyone interested. Would love some feedback lads
  7. Who took a listen? This song IS available for download through request
  8. STOMPING MINIMAL. You've been warned http://soundcloud.com/chrisgould/punks
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