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How to: Interior lights on - Door Ajar

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If you have handle controlled interior lights and they are always staying on and you have the door ajar light on, you are going to love this fix.. It's an easy and a cheap fix, and is the way to perform your maintenance of this switch...

Put your fuse and bulbs back in, roll your windows up and get a can of wd40 with the straw...start with your drivers door...from the outside pull the handle up and where the handle goes thru the door, squirt a little wd40 in both those slits...open the door and just work the outside handle a few times...go to the passenger door and do the same....thats all there is to it...good luck..


led fluorescent lamps

recessed led ceiling lights

led strip lights

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cheers for the tip.... does this really work?

BTW this section of the forum is for DJ and stage lighting.

also please post in the intro section of the forum when you get the chance :)

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