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The Rekordbox Thread

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Hey guys sorry to make another thread but thought it time Rekordbox had a general thread to discuss issues, organisation, tips and updates without needing new threads all the time.

I'm going to kick it off with some questions to other guys who are using it.

Tonight i started playing with saving cues and loops onto usb which is so far working well. However i'm not entirely certain the best way to organise my music and the fact that i think saving cue points will only work for the one instance it's exported on a playlist.

To make it clearer, i want saved cue points to always come up for a song i program them onto.

Should i do this by opening the track in the 'collection' tab, enter and save the cue points and then drag the music file from collection then into playlists?

I have never personally used the collection part, i just go through my folders on my pc and then drag tracks onto certain playlists in rekordbox, my feeling though is that if i look at a playlist, select a song and then try and save cue points it will only be there for that playlists and i quite often delete and remake playlists so dont want to be continuously setting up a million cue points.

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When you make cue points it saves it for that song, regardless of what playlist it is in.

You can delete the playlist and the cue points will still stay on that track as long as you don't delete it from the collection tab / import a duplicate again (as the duplicate version won't have the cue points).

So when your changing playlists -> drag your existing tracks from the collection view into the desired playlists and you'll be sweet

(note you can't change the files location on your hdd once in rekordbox otherwise you either need to manually retell rekordbox where the file is saved - pain in the arse; or reimport it - and you'll lost hot cues)

Hope that makes sense

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Oh ok yeah i get you man, i used to have the massive issue of making my playlists in an actual folder in my music folder on the pc and then mirror those playlists in Rekordbox.

Think i will have just genre folders and then just go through and drag them into playlists in RB.

Biggest annoyance is that when i eventually get my pc going again everything will be lost.

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