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Glitch Hop TOTD (tune of the day) - CapFive & BeatLeSS

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Wouldn't glitch hop go better under the electro/breaks section of the forum?

I would put it under bass music tbh

Quite often seen it played before dub/dnb

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not on forum for short while.

nearly missed best fred in ages. will post when get minutes but following already.


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These boys are from Brissy and have to have one of my favourite sounds. Just amazing what they do. Live is quite the show too.


Spoonbill - from Melbourne - This guy creates quite an atmosphere. I've seen him live 2-3 times now and have never seen so many funky wiggling things from the neck down on a dance floor. Makes me feel like I'm in space!


Opiuo - This dude needs no introduction. From NZ currently residing in Melbourne - absolutely killing the scene - seen this guy 4 times now and is just amazing. Very inspirational guy. Get to see him live again this weekend!




Mouldy Soul - Met this guy at Earth Frequency festival, he's from Britain - Overit you might've heard him if you follow the scene over there. Insane on a big rig.


JPOD - Getting Funky from Canada - has to have one of the funkiest and fun sounds to dance to. Also caught him live at Earth Frequency.


Defunk - Also from Canada - currently touring around. Get to see this guy live this weekend! SO KEEN.


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this is from about two years ago from one of the adjf members, shifteq. its not on his soundcloud anymore

http://shifteq.bandcamp.com/track/busta ... fteq-remix

this cat does awesome remixes

Have had his Walk This Way remix in my catalogue for a while, absolutely love it. http://shifteq.bandcamp.com/track/rundm ... fteq-remix

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