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Ok..A new R&B HIP-HOP club/ bar is opening up ,up here soon and want me to do a two hour set every weekend

I said..,.. I would love to but, I only do video mixing now and web streaming ..and if they want me to play I need a Big screen set up to plug into....two 62 inch LCD TV,s running HDMI inputs

The bar said OK but the boss would like to see what the video mixing would look & sounds like before he puts the $$$ down for the two big TV,s

So I did this video mix in HD to show them what it will look and sound like...but.... I would like all of you to check it out before I show the club boss......is it ok or do I need to do the mix again...let me know what you think

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Cant wait to watch this tonight :thumright:

Take a look....and Let me know what you think

Reloaded your in Brisbane ,when am I going to do a video off you I the mix / scratch

If you like you can come down to the Gold Coast...or I can come up to Brisbane to do a video

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got about ten mins left but thats was tops wazza

as per you other one, wouldnt say they are all my type of tracks i can see this going down well at an rnb club. but despite not being all my thang, it didnt matter i have enjoyed it right thru which shows its a good mix.

vids mixing is awesome as usual. id be happy to just watch you mix though. love how you use still use turnies w all this fancy shit.


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