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I think my cartridge is touching the record. Help?!

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I was moving my amp around today and plugged in my mixer to see I had it all working.

It was then I realized a scraping sound as the turntable turns unamplified. The output through the speakers are fine, but it worries me to hear dragging sound.

The sound isn't constant, but consistent every revolution.

I'm using the Vestax PDX 2000 with M44G cart and stylus.

The cartridge looks A LOT lower then usual, The height adjuster in the photo is all the way up.


It's also leaving a goldish too...


I really don't know what it could be...

Is the turntable warped? Is my headshell bent? It wasn't like this the last time I used it.

Chuck questions at me if I've been too vague, and no, it's not the sounds on the records, it's additional sounds.

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Oh i see where I might've buggered up. I'm looking through shure's instructions that came with it. I've set the 'Typical tracking force (grams)' to suit the m447, the m44g take 1.5 typical tracking force...

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Well, whaddyaknow, I've reset the tone arm back to zero, put 1.5g on and have the hieght about 1cm high and it's solved my problem.

I should be more attentive to instructions next time. :roll:

lol that helps just a little :teef:

nah all good dude. glad you got it in the end. just keep an eye on it to see if it starts to degrade. how solid did you use it from when you bought it? (and i'd be super pissed off if it only lasted me that long too lol)

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did you set the tone are hight right..?????

this is how i set up my vestax pdx 3000 mk2..

the big silver knob under the vestax tone arm….( set counter weight to 0.0..)loosen the knob and lift up the tone arm to the right hight…then tighten up the silver knob.where the needle is just touching the vinyl with no wait on it ….the needle and cartridge is flat ( parallel )

i then do the matchstick and rubber band mode….

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