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What's your weddings rig?

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Hey Guys,

I'm new here, after a 20 year break from DJ work I've got the bug again and seriously looking at getting back in.

Due to the fact I work in commercial radio I've a few offers to lately to do weddings etc

I really need your advice on speakers (active) for wedding-style gigs. What do I need? What do you use/suggest?

Wharfedale Titans any good?

Should I look at 12 inch tops and get a sub? Or will 15inch actives be plenty?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I've used wharfedales in the past, not sure what model they were (2x15" tops, 2x18" subs passive)

I'm assuming the Titans are acceptable quality wise.

As far as sizing goes, really depends on how big the venue is etc.

2 15" actives should be enough for most gigs for a few hundred people. Plus weddings you don't need it so loud that everyone goes deaf.

Hope this helps

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OK thanks for the help, ended up going with EV's , the 15inch ZLX model which sound great.

I've just been locked in to do 15 primary school discos across 2015, so will add a sub for those.

Any suggestions?

Would a 15 sub be pointless considering I'm running 15's in the tops?

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