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Will the APC40 work?

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Hey all.

I use ableton and I basically want to use the controller as a loop recorder like the video below. Will make a video 100% live like in the video but will be able to launch the recorded clips/edit effects at my choice.

Is the APC a good way to go? Can I set up ableton to record a 4 bar clip then save that clip and record another 4 bars on the next clip or will I have to manually record each clip...

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Whoops forgot about this. ye you can do it using an audio track and the session record button.

Not sure how to make it record 4 bars, then automatically start recording into the next clip. You'll can do it as one big take then split it to prep for your live performance, or manually kick off each clip recording.

The APC may be able to help easily select which clip you want to record.

As far as the whole process goes, ableton's site has a pretty good page covering all the recording functions (read through it the other day when I needed to learn something) https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/recording-new-clips/

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