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DnB Mash Up

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I think you may have posted in the wrong section as this is the production area which is why you have gotten the responses so far.

To what you are referring to it all depends on the tracks you want to drop, I've been mixing DNB for a good 5yrs and it takes time to find those epic mashups, when you find it you will know it. Best thing to do is find your most epic tracks and just experiment with them, all DnB tracks are layed out so its around 16-32ish bars until the breakdown, so try that, I'll give you 1 mashup that I came across which I personally think is amazing:

Camo & Krooked - Stand Up

Tantrum Desire - The Law

Right as the last 16 or so bars of Stand Up (before the main breakdown) is starting, drop The Law, the breakdowns will align perfectly and you'll then have an epic mashup.

It's all about practice, the ore you do it, the more you'll discover :)

Edit, I don't know abelton either but hope this helps at least

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I'll make a proper post tomorrow if you want help laying out a dj set in Ableton.

Basically you make a few audio tracks, add an eq three to each track, drag your songs in then just draw in automation for volume and EQ

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