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Constructive Critique Thread?

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I've been meaning to do regular videos of me as I learn, but still can't find me tripod, I've resorted to using my webcam clamped onto my wonky music stand.

Perhaps beginners should have a place to upload there first stuff and for them to get some guidance?

I'm looking for tips personally.

Watching back, I need to go straight to the other TT, bit too slow to do an 8 bar loop. But what about my arms crossing over and that? Time to get my ambidexterity up?

My webcam had a brain fart while recording, so I had to cut a fair bit :(

Next vid will be direct from booth outputs to my PC.

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*paging fiend

i like the idea of having a critique thread, and i'm up for helping where i can. however, this isn't my world of expertise.

firstly, lol at the end!

i think the basic beat juggling thing you have going on seems pretty fine to me. it's just a matter of keeping up the practise and then as you get tighter with it, make the loops shorter.

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yeh technique wise cant really comment. maybe fiend or djschooluk will get in and comment

but from what i can hear your first loops were good. so then yeh like lab said practice to make it shorter

or try scratching the beat in occassionally before releasing.

that way you can mix up the scratch you use

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