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djm 800 question

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heyup. i know we have a few sparkys, but also people who know more than me.

all my other equip is from aus.

so i run a single powerbaord that has a aus to singy adaptor on it. rather than four adaptors into a singapore powerboard.

as you may remember i bought a mixer in singapore. so now i have to run that cable to an extension cord to reach a standard singapore outlet.

so my question is, can i buy a power chord here in aus, somthat i can just plug the mixer into the powerboard all the other shiz is on?

if so its just any old plain kettle power cord right (is that the correct terminology), i.e. nothing special about it?


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kewl. cheers man.

so umm where does one buy a reliable kettle cord?

Run into Harvey Norman Tech Bay, or an IT shop and tell em you need an aus cable to take back to Korea, they'll probably throw one at you as they're that common! :)

Otherwise they'll be able to sell you one too.

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didnt have much time to go around. was an in n out trip to syd this time.

however at work imdid need a kettle cord to run from my laptop adaptor, and i forgot to give it back to IT when i left hehe

only thing is i cant remember if djm 800 had an earth pin or not. cuz pretty sure this has one.

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