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ADJF Hardstyle Mix from 2010

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this doesn't comply with anything. i can't record mixes so i've jumped on mixcloud and here's one from 6 years ago. mixing and tune choice probably gets a bit average after a few minutes in. i remember running out of tunes but i wanted to mix for at least an hour.

if i had my time again i'd probably smash this one out differently

sorry there's no tracklist. i can't really remember most of them.

anyways, i loved hardstyle (still do) so there's more floating around somewhere




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I'ma just going to piggy back onto this here too and link one of mine from ages ago too. And if I was to do a new one it would probably sound similar because I am not likely to go source new tunes (if I even get around to setting up my S4 soon).




Tracklist is on Mixcloud


Also... Any Brisbane peeps been around long enough to remember Advent*Jah? Was awesome! Old school rave so big it was held at the Brisbane Showgrounds. Different rooms with different genres. What festivals should be, not like Steroidsonic. But from what I can remember was mostly harder style trance. Ahhh those were the days. When you had to make the decision whether to drop half or a whole. Kids these days wouldn't even understand the concept of needing to bight one in half. 

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