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How to start playing live?

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Hi guys,


I've been making electronic music for about a year now and I want to start playing live. I'm wondering what you guys think is a good way to do it, should I use DJS, MIDI controllers or what?



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Playing live as a DJ (for me) is still just djing unless you're literally playing your tracks live like a band (ie keyboards, drummer etc). If you wanna do one of those LaunchPad sets then you can be as creative as you wish. It takes a lot of time to plan these things so keep that in mind when you pick the direction you wanna go in. 


Firstly, I would suggest jumping on bird the traktor "stems" train with their new range of controllers. It's a great way to trigger samples on the fly while continuing to DJ (mix songs back and fourth). You can create your own stems and buy stacks online. The traktor hardware range are like Legos. You can keep adding and remapping to make it work for you. You can incorporate maschine to work with traktor so you can bounce back and fourth from the 2


The other typical option you have is the Ableton live set where you can trigger samples. Keep this in mind; when someone says they DJ with Ableton they just trigger samples. There's no actual transitions happening in the conventional way of mixing. Ableton sets take time to plan and set up. There's technically a lot more you can achieve by doing this but if you wish to DJ it makes life a bit easier to use traktor. 


If you're up to it and have the chops, start a band

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