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Kris Witha K

Switch to Rekordbox? Which controller (DDJ-RZ / DDJ-SZ / XDJ-RX)?

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Hi all... I'm hoping to get some assistance with my next controller purchase.

I'm only looking at Pioneer controllers at this stage.

I currently use VDJ software and use my controller and laptop together.

Pioneer seem to be heavily pushing people to their Rekordbox DJ software via their controllers.

At this stage I seem to have 3 options:

1. get the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and continue using VDJ software; or
2. get the Pioneer DDJ-RZ and move to Rekordbox DJ; or
3. get the Pioneer XDJ-RX, move to Rekordbox, but not have to have my laptop with me when playing out.

I've got the following questions...

1. If I move to Rekordbox DJ, do I have to prepare (beatgrid, add hot cues etc.) all my tracks again, or will this info carry across from VDJ?
2. How have people found the screen on the XDJ-RX? If I end up using this controller with a laptop anyway, I would prefer to have the DDJ-RZ or DDJ-SZ given they're 4 channel etc. etc.

Thanks in advance for any feedback based on your experience with these controllers and/or software.


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1. Rekordbox automatically analyses and detects beatgrid. I don't believe it can import hot cues from VDJ

2. I haven't personally seen/used the screen on the XDJ-RX. However given the range of equipment I've used over the years, I tend to not use/rely on the screen much, short of track selection obviously.


If you were going to get the SZ you could very well move to serato software as well, which is much better in all aspects than VDJ. I've only personally used rekordbox to prep USBs for CDJs, so I'm not sure how stable/polished the controller support is at this stage.

As far as what controller to choose, need to ask yourself the following questions:

-what are you going to use it for? If you're practising to get into clubs, the XDJ-RX is probably your best bet as it's the most similar to a CDJ setup out of the 3, as you can practice DJing off USB sticks and no laptop

-how important is having/not having the laptop to you? If you want to keep to a controller setup, the SZ/RZ give you more features for your money (4 decks etc.)



Hope this helps

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Thanks Mitch.

My beatgrid comment was because often the software (well VDJ anyway) doesn't get the grid matched correctly to the beats, so there's still some manual checking/correcting with new tracks.

My use is for private parties/house parties i.e. mobile dj'ing and, of course, practice at home.

At my current level of competency, I think I would definitely be using the screen if I went with the XDJ-RX, which is why I was wondering how people have found the size of the screen.

Cheers. Kris

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My response to both of those is practice, practice, practice! You won't need to rely on the screens / auto sync :) The technology is much better than it was, but I'm sure everyone will agree with me that you need to be able to work without it if you need to (e.g. track is a bit obscure and the beatgrid doesn't detect properly). I will say the rekordbox beat grid is generally fairly accurate.

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