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Buying poly/paper inner sleeves for 12" vinyl

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Just ordered 100 poly/paper combined inner sleeves to replace the crappy paper or pure poly sleeves for my records so they're better protected, and also so I can pull records out faster and easier. 

The records go in and out easier, with the sleeve remaining inside the cardboard outer sleeve, but these new sleeves bunch up terribly, with a corrugated look, and add more bulk to my records, which will be an issue when DJing. 




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1 hour ago, Cupe said:

What other types of sleeves are there?

I didn't even think about doing something like this with my wax

The best inner sleeve for 12" records, are the poly/paper combo one's. Cardboard one's are a nightmare, and will trash your vinyl, paper deteriorates, and leaves fragments in the grooves, and pure poly sleeves are fine, but can be a pain when they come out with the record. Some records (not many) come with a paper sleeve, with a poly lining and really protect your records, and allow for fast and easier taking out and replacing records. 

So yeah, I'd like to hear from folks who have bought the paper/poly combo sleeves, and their experiences of them ;)




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Doesn't matter what type of sleeve it is, it won't reduce the time taken to remove a record from it's sleeve for me. I don't keep the open end of the inner sleeve aligned with the outer sleeve opening. That saves records from accidentally slipping out and hitting the floor if the sleeve was upside down when you pull it out. 


You might find this interesting also...



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