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Couple of questions about speaker leads

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I use Speakon plugs for my speakers because I have no other choice as the speakers  have speakon sockets only.

What speaker plugs do you guys have?


A mate has speakers with 6.5mm jack inputs that he is going to lend me for a big hall gig.

I was thinking of buying speakon to 6.5mm adapters and using a couple of 800mm jack guitar patch cords to  link them up to my speakers

Any probs using guitar patch cords as speaker cable?

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I'm don't really remember much from my PA days - i was more on the lighting team anyways. i think the idea of those is so they're secure and you can't just kick them out. If it's for a house party then anything should be fine. pretty sure those patch cables are still stereo leads anyway so should be fine

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