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18 hours ago, BeatLeSS said:

yo yo brissy represent! What you producing dude? I'm trying my hardest to get from the mixing to production phase haha but just get overwhelmed with where to start! :safe:



QLD Reppin! Thanks man.

If you're looking for a place to start production, focus on (a) basic music theory and (b) compression and EQ. There's plenty of stuff online for that, even free YouTube videos. Once you understand the fundamentals of that stuff, you can write tunes that sound (a) in key and (b) great across the stereo field. Well, that's my journey anyways. 

Hope that helps man.

I'm actually trying to learn more about mixing/DJing to complement my production stuff. I'd like to start playing my own stuff out. 

Man I coudn't tell you what my genre is. Just whatever comes out :)

These are the tunes I wrote during my "learning" phase: 


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