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ADJF Awards 2016 Winners

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Cognarts fags

Best ADJF Radio DJ: @OxyKon (@Mitch in 2nd)
Best content contributor: Cupe (OxyKon in 2nd)
Biggest ghost: 2-way tie @Gandy and @Pending (@ThatPartyGuy and @SolDios tie in 2nd and Garden Gnome 'Ol' Knifey' @Hobberz in 3rd)
Quiet Achiever: Mitch ( @anditz and @Kodiak in two-way tie for 2nd)
Best ADJF DJ: Mitch ( @BeatLeSS 2nd)
Funniest user: Pending ( @Duz in 2nd, @Scottie in 3rd)
Best thread: I don't even know what happened here
Best ad clicker: Scottie
Chatroom prom king: dolan (3-way tie for 2nd scottie, Duz and @yizzle )
Best new user: @Bristles
Best producer: @LabRat

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