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Fretless fader inspired ..... Serato Sliding EFX mixer

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Hi all ...long time ..ok...I am making a serato fretless fader mixer ....

for you people that don't know what a fretless mixer is ...it a MOD mixer where the crossfader sits on rails and blocks ...the crossfader is  connected to another fader .....as you  slide the audio crossfader up and down the rails it moves the other fader which sends midi info to the midi turntable ......

My one will be the same concept .,.but not for midi to a turntable ( i will be able too do midi to my vestax PDX 3000 or my Numark HDX ..) if I want to but....... I want to use it for serato audio EFX .... Imagine A D.J mixer  where you can scratch in audio EFX  with out taking your hands off the crossfader and the turntable ....to be able to scratch a Hi-pass u ( up ) Lo-pass filter ( down the rails )  ..."..or...to be able to scratch into and out off a  Eco  EFX ....with you taking my hands off the decks ......

....it will be using a Akai AMX pro DVS mixer .....and making the new body where the rails sit in the  Front of the AMX .....all I have to do is make the cable for the AMX crossfader longer ......about 150 mm longer .....the crossfader is a good one ...it's a innofader mini ..

all the fretless fader mixers mixer I have seen pic off .....all use old vestax 06 pro or rane ttm57 sl ....but to get the rails in they have to remove the line faders.....with the AMX I will keep my line faders ...and I will not be using rails and blocks ....my one will be rails and 4 ball-bearings ......the sliding  action will be so smooth ....

for the other fader, that is connected to the sliding innofader ( the AMX pro fader ) .....I will be using a mixfader ......

the mixfader is a little Bluetooth crossfader  for a $150 ...no cable , easy mount and to map into sarato.....

I,m  a  stainless steel sheet metal engineer by trade ....the body is made from  polished stainless steel with a stand for my korg KP  quad efx controller .....the AMX pro and the korg Kp will be skinned in  camouflage ....... stainless steel  ,  vanished would panel side and  camouflage make this thing bad ass .,.it will look like it's ready to go to war ......

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That works. Didn't really know what you were going for here so was waiting for pics. Looks like it's coming along nicely. Side note - I haven't seen that Numark CD player is so, so long!

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