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Portable stand for micro mobile dj desk

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Always pissed of how the DJ takes over the room, so I have made a platform for my PC and mixer that takes up less than 700mm square.

So it's me and my stand on a tripod speaker stand and two speakers either side, one on a Sub. so I'm using 3m sq of floor space.

My amp is under the stand and covered with black cloth to hide the wires. photographes requests. and a easy quick exit if I have had a few and make comments about the brides visible mustache.

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Went to Blues at Broadbeach, always stand next to the sound man and look at what stuff he has.

Seems they are like me, get some 5 ply and make up some foldable tables and stands, rough as,and paint it black.

Buy some sparkle paint from the two dollar shop and you are in showbiz.

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