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Independent festivals in the UK contributed some serious dollars to their local economy

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A 10 year report into independent festivals in the UK has crunched the numbers on how much they’re contributing to the local economy and it’s not a small amount.

The report by the Association Of Independent Festivals (AIF) found that from 2015-2017 they pushed a whopping £1 billion through the lifeblood of the UK, with the 800 000+ punters attending said festivals spending an average of £483.14 on top of every ticket they buy.

Following on from that, the findings were such that the businesses surrounding the festival site were getting about 10 per cent of the spend, meaning local businesses not affiliated with the festivals seemed to be seeing a decent piece of the festival spend pie.

These statistics are huge, seeming to show that an injection in the music festival industry should lead to obvious rewards for local communities, yet here we are in Australia have our festival industry being unfairly targeted by the government.

You can read the whole 10 year report by the AIF here and tell us your thoughts, do you think there needs to be more support for Australia’s music festivals?



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