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Skrillex Refreshes Website As Fans Anticipate Comeback

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Skrillex is on the verge of a huge comeback — and it’s so close we can almost hear the wubs. The producer just refreshed his website, boasting only his signature logo and nothing else. Usually when artists wipe to a clean slate, they’re gearing up for something big.

While hopefuls like us are banking on new music, perhaps a new album, and even a full fledged tour, there are others who speculate differently. The possibilities range from “new Mariah Carey collab” to “Christmas merch” to “purple Lamborghini confirmed” to “probably maintenance.”

The real kicker is that skrillex.com will direct browsers to skrillex.com/password. Some Redditors have found signs of Shopify, which can be used to sell merchandise or tickets, plus a function that reads “registerGA.”

Over the past couple of years the producer has been keeping his head down, grinding in the studio working on new music in a plethora of genres and producing for other artists. Whatever he’s readying for — we know it’s going to be worth the wait.


Is this normal? from skrillex

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Skrillex Refreshes Website As Fans Anticipate Comeback


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