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GLD Animate Short Film For “Hate Machine” & “Monsters In Our Head” [WATCH]

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GLD take a step beyond just making the music with their latest releases, as they use their new tracks “Hate Machine” and “Monsters In Our Head” with VRG as opportunities to tell a story.

The following short film, produced and animated by the mysterious artists, centers around the hate that can so easily fester on social media and the internet. Protagonists Mattie and Jake must fight their demons and gather recruits to hopefully reverse its destruction.

In the video, the likenesses of Daft Punk, deadmau5, Marshmello, and more can be easily seen. According to the duo, they “have nothing to do with the songs in the video or project but are all artists GLD love, look up to and admire.”

Self-described as an “Electronic Alternative-Rock Band from Hell,” GLD are certainly turning heads with their sinister approach to music. Listen to “Hate Machine” and “Monsters In Our Head” below —  and consider this video a warning.

GLD – Hate Machine & Monsters In Our Head: A Short Film

Spotify: Hate Machine & Monsters In Our Head

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: GLD Animate Short Film For “Hate Machine” & “Monsters In Our Head” [WATCH]


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