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Paul Feig on new Ghostbusters sequel: “I am very open to Jason’s new version”

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Over the weekend, Leslie Jones aired her grievances over Jason Reitman’s forthcoming Ghostbusters sequel, which plans to return to the franchise’s original universe, saying it was “something Trump would do.” Now, director Paul Feig, who helmed the 2016 remake, has weighed in, and he’s decidedly more optimistic.

“An absolute honest to God never ending supply of bullshit and hate from these trolls,” Feig tweeted in reference to the vitriolic response to Jones’ tweets. “Leslie spoke her truth and I support her. I am very open to Jason’s new version of GB but am also sad that our 2016 team may not get to bust again. We all are. We’re forever proud of our movie.”

They should be. After all, the 2016 remake was a success for Sony, grossing around $229 million worldwide, despite not receiving a proper release in China due to its supernatural elements. What’s more, it charmed enough critics to rack up a 60 on Metacritic, which is only 10 points below the 1984 original.

Currently, the new film is slated for a 2020 release. As of now, Reitman is reportedly looking to cast four teens, specifically, two boys and two girls. At least two of the original stars have expressed interest in returning.

Catch the teaser trailer below.


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