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Free Synth1 Pluto Box: Full set of 127 presets and 10 MIDI sequences

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Synth1 Pluto Box is a soundset for Ichiro Toda's Synth1 free software synthesizer containing a full set of 127 presets and 10 fully crafted Syntmorph MIDI sequences.

The idea of Synth1 Pluto Box came from the love and work of my trusty Nord Rack 2x I have been using for years. Lately I became curious about its free software counterpart (Synth1 was modelled after the Nord Lead 2 synthesizer).

First I thought it would be a great idea to transfer some of the sound design concepts into the Synth1 so started experimenting into this direction. I realized that even though most of the things are common in the hardware NR2x and the software Synth1, some advanced concepts (like the velocity/morph) of Nord Rack 2x could not be achieved here.

Despite the several shortcomings of Synth1 (which I detail in a separate post in the Magazine section) I become attached to this free VST plug-in due to its limitations, ease-of-use and flexibility.

To get the 128 presets into shape was a pure fun. Nearly all presets use subtle modulations from modulation wheel or aftertouch, so expressivity is always at your fingertips.

The presets coupled with the Synthmorph concept offers you ten MIDI sequences with multiple automation lines producing sound morphs that will literally breathe a new life even into simple preset sounds.

Listen to the Synthmorph sequences below, some of them uses 15-20 or even more parallel modulations per sequence. Only the built-in effects were used with a basic limiter on the master output.

Use these Synthmorph sequences as is, tweak them or apply them to another preset - the choice is yours!



  • 127 Synth1 categorized presets (.sy1)
    • 16 Arp
    • 14 Bass
    • 32 Key
    • 8 Lead
    • 10 Pad
    • 44 SFX
    • 4 Kick
  • 10 Synthmorph MIDI sequences for Synth1 both in MIDI and mp3 audio
  • video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips


  • for single user
  • 100% royalty-free for home or commercial use.


Synth1 v1.13 beta3 or later version (64-bit version is recommended) - Download the FREE Synth1 here


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