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Checking in! Trying to revive my passion.

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Hello All!

It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd check in again. 
Have been out of the industry for 2 or so years, got fed up with doing weddings and kissing promoters asses to get the smallest of club gigs. I brought some new equipment to try doing it as a passion, but I was just so burnt out at that point that I just couldn't enjoy mixing anymore.

Fast forward 2 years and here we are, those 900's I brought are still untouched but I can't bring myself to sell them. So I'm having one last crack at revitalizing my desire to DJ.
As a side note, I also do photography for a local radio station for their events. No cash for em only drink cards, but that's how I want it to there is no pressure if I fuck up.

Currently my goals are the following:

  • Move my Rekordbox library to my Surface Pro which I take to work everyday to find songs on my train ride home.
  • Submit a Mini mix to my local radio station.
  • Do some Twitch streams of me DJ'ing on Friday nights with some beers in hand.

Short of this not happening, I will sell my decks and put it to bed. Can't bring myself to sell my PA or Sub though!

My Gear:

My Flickr Account:

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Don't let the dream die. You were a major part of ADJF and showed everyone how you can push through pressure and make something of yourself.

One of the toughest dudes in ADJF history and I'm glad you're still around mate.

Get a mix happening!

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