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ControllerismPioneer Pioneer’s DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR: Smaller Rekordbox Controllers

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Pioneer DJ has put out the Rekordbox DJ software, brought it up to speed in features, and now they’re ready to go after the market in a huge way: with entry-level controllers that include the software for free. Meet the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR, Pioneer DJ’s low-cost controllers designed specifically for their own DJ software.



Both of these controllers fall completely in line with their two-channel counterparts, the DDJ-SB and DDJ-SR. Check out a quick graphical comparison of them below – you can see that a few new functions have been added on the RB/RR to correspond with new Pioneer Rekordbox features. First, the DDJ-SB (left) versus the DDJ-RB (right, click to zoom):


Next, the DDJ-SR (left) versus the DDJ-RR (right, click to zoom😞


  • The DDJ-RB is the entry-level controller for Rekordbox DJ. It’s going to be available starting in late May 2016 for $249
  • The DDJ-RR is the next step up – boasting RGB backlighting on the pads, additional inputs/outputs (it’s a standalone mixer as well), VU meters, needle search, and more – it’ll be available in June 2016 for $699.
  • Both controllers will come with the Rekordbox DJ “Plus Pack” (a license for the full DJ software, which normally runs $129)

PC Master Out; AKA Dual Soundcards

There’s also a sneaky new feature that is supported with these two DJ controllers called PC Master Out. It essentially allows you to use two soundcards with Rekordbox DJ – the one onboard your DDJ-RB/RR controller to mix and cue and the one in your computer to send a master out signal.

This will be especially handy in situations where you don’t have the proper cables to connect your controller to the sound system – think situations where there’s just an Aux cord without any other adapters.

Sequence Call / Rekordbox 4.1.1 Software Update

In addition to these new controllers, there’s a new update out for the software, Rekordbox 4.1.1. The new update not only supports the new controllers, but also adds support for PC Master Out (detailed above) and Sequence Load/Call, which lets you “load your sample sequences to the deck to scratch them”.

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