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Hey Ppl, names [D3]FCTV ...originally a name for my car's numberplate! Never happened but that name has had a hold on me since.

I'm brand spanking new, not a professional but love mixing music in anyway I can. Here's a link to my 4shared page with a few Mashes & Mixes on it with more to come:


Would love to hear positive/negative feedback on anything =D

*If you are into your Trance, Hardstyle & Techno etc then check out my "Summerstylez Mash Up 2009" which was mixed with "DJ Tony P". It's a massive collaboration of 50 banging hard tracks that will pump you up for a big night out at a rave! Mainly created for the Melb Shufflers ;)

Here is the track listing for the "Summerstylez Mash Up 2009"

001 - Colours of Hardstyle - Showtek

002 - Airport [Rave Allstars Remix E] - The Real Booty Babes

003 - Nightmare [bush Remix] - DJ Tom-X

004 - Ballanation Episode 2 - DJ Dean

005 - 99.9 [Hard Rave Mix] - Paradox Evil

006 - The Summer [Hardbass Mix] - DJ Frankie Jones

007 - Pure [Technoboy Remix] - DJ Zany

008 - Loving You [DJ Isaac Mix] - DJ Lady Dana

009 - The Beauty & The Beat [Technoboy RMX] - Hunter

010 - FTS [Original Mix] - Showtek

011 - Superstar DJ [Original Mix] - Dark Oscillators

012 - Never Severed [Dark By Design & Chris Tranzaction mix] - Avaline

013 - Smack My Derb - Alpha Twins

014 - Yakooza - Stronger [DJ Wag Remix]

015 - Yakooza - Cocaine [DJ Scot Project Mix]

016 - Save Your Life [Warp Bros Radi] - Black Spider

017 - Canto Della Liberta [Hard Style Dance] - DJ Antoine

018 - Oh My God [Technoboys Callsheet] - Technoboy feat. Shayla

019 - Pump It Loud [Cenoginerz Remix] - The Pitcher

020 - Its A Fine Day [steve Murano Mix] - Kirsty Hawkshaw

021 - Blood Is Pumping [Club Mix] - Voodoo & Serano

022 - Greatest Deejay - Greatest Deejay

023 - Let The Music Play [Original Mix] - Wal T

024 - Suck My Dick - DJ Valentino

025 - Tricky Tricky - Busted

026 - l [Want Your Love] - DJ Scott Project

027 - Cry For You [Youll Never See Me Again] [Darren Styles Club Mix] - September

028 - Black is Back [Club Mix] - Pitchers

029 - Meet Her At The Loveparade - The Real Booty Babes

030 - Peace, Love & XTC - DJ Dean

031 - Club bizzare [DJ Balloon RMX] - Brooklyn Bounce

032 - Ravers Rulez [The Prophet 2004 Remix] - TechnoBoy

033 - Coole Sau [DJ Isaac Remix] - Derb

034 - Sky High (Pantope Mix) - DJ Zany

035 - Nobody Likes The Records That I Play [Radio Edit] - Sample Rippers

036 - Dreams [Cosmic gate remix] - Miss Shiva

037 - Tricky Tricky [Paranoid Remix] - Busted

038 - Pounding Senses [Zany Overdrive Mix 2007] - Southstylerz

039 - Mescal - Speedwave

040 - Food For Woofers [shorter mix] - Dark Oscillators

041 - XTC A Love Extreme - Marc E Bwoyd

042 - Go Go Go [Qlimax Remix] - Julian DJ & Davide Sonar

043 - Take Me Home [Club Mix] - Manyou

044 - Bring it [Original Mix] - LCK

045 - Nothing Else Matters - Zany and DV8

046 - All The People In The World [DJ Isaac Remix] - Safri Duo

047 - Spanish night [steve Murano RMX] - Symphonic

048 - I Feel Wonderful [12 Inch Mix] - Cosmic Gate Ft. Jan Johnston

049 - Silence [Ti¸stos In Search Of Sunrise Remix] - Delerium Ft. Sarah McLachlan

050 - Lost Connection In And Out of Love [AVB Mash Up] - Jochen Miller vs. Armin van Buuren

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Welcome to the site :safe:

How'd you find this glorious haven for awesomeness?

Googled it ;) ...thankgod for this place, on djfroums.com as well but this seems to be much better. I mean i'm getting welcomed by people, love it =)

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this is the djforums.com for aussies :)

we're much younger but growing non stop :chomp:

aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi! lol....this site will be much better because us aussie's are 1 of a kind ;)

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welcome :safe: =D wow currently in london. what you doing over there?

Thanx. Working and travelling, off to America after this and then back home to Aus, been overseas since last year in Dec & done the whole EuroTrip. Can't wait to see the likes of the USA once again and then get back to the land down under ;)

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