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  1. Traktor Scratch Duo

    Hi All i just brought Traktor Scratch Duo and cant set the timecoded cd's up any help would help Regards Daniel Spencer
  2. DJ Spenny

    sorry mate its www.ultimatesounds.com.au and im in perth
  3. DJ Spenny

    cheers mate thank you for this
  4. DVS with Dual Cd Player

    Hi All Just wondering what the best dvs system is for a mobile a dj that uses dual cd players
  5. DJ Spenny

    casue if u reckon that will be the best let me know casue ill denifly get it
  6. DJ Spenny

    just some numark cdn 25
  7. DJ Spenny

    yeah will do just trying to work which dvs system would be the best for my dual cd players
  8. Multicore Cable

    so where the best to buy them
  9. DJ Spenny

    Hi All Dj Spenny just started my own mobile dj business and just want to help and tips if anyone could provide them. This is a great site www.ulitmatesounds.com.au
  10. Audio 4 Dj with dual cd playerq

    ill do it now
  11. Multicore Cable

    Hi All i just brought the audio 4 dj and just wondering if i can use normal rca leads with it instead of the multicore cable
  12. Audio 4 Dj with dual cd playerq

    Yeah mate i just wanted to know like before i brought it lol what some other good audio interfaces
  13. Hi all, I got a rackmount dual cd player but i wanna go digital but im looking for a good audio interface. A lot of people told me that audio 4 dj is good trakor but ive on seen used on cdj can it be used with dual cd players casue if i cant can some reccomend one that can