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    Aspiring DJ, always had a passion for making music and made a few mixes a few years back. Uni and work got in the way so I stopped for a bit and i suddenly woke up and thought you know what! Screw this I'm getting back to what I love.
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    Nothing, Just a laptop with some software at the moment.
  1. shiet an intro section where people actually say hello! sup everybody? Just heard of 'your shot' (for those of you that don't know it's a lil comp to get into stereosonic) Mid term goal, SET!
  2. You're correct. Sup Just overdosing on the information on the site, you? Perhaps I need to head down to the massage parlour...
  3. The smileys look like they're wearing blown up condoms as hats, am I mistaken?! P.S we are perth boys
  4. Used to dabble in mixing and stuff, absolutely LOVED it then got caught up in a relationship, work, uni bla bla (excuses) Went to stereo the other day and thought screw this! Im going back to what I love and I will play for one of the big festivals There is two of us (the other ones enzo) so hope to chat with all of you soon!
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