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  1. Eh, as much as I'd like to use this excuse - I doubt it. There is a warning in the manual (that I didn't notice until it was too late) stating that the cables may cause issues depending on region etc. I just assumed it would work seeing as I did have it shipped to Australia. If it were really an issue, surely they would've supplied the correct cable for the country they were sending it to? Apparently not though.
  2. DJM350 arrived today after a couple of weeks waiting and I was super eager to have a play. Unfortunately though, I'm pretty sure I've blown something due to voltage differences... I connected both CDJ's up without a problem, however I noticed the plug that came with the DJM was American. I've just recently come back from America though and had a universal adapter sitting right beside me. I didn't take into consideration the differences in voltage between the countries though and connected it up via the adapter. Powered it on and it was lit up briefly before all the lights turned off again. Now there's no sign of power throughout the mixer. Fucking stupid of me, but I'm new to all of this and wasn't thinking. Just how badly have I potentially damaged it? I feel awful right now.
  3. Amazing post my friend! Thank you so much for all of that information. You've helped a hell of a lot! I'd actually researched the hazers and although they sound fantastic, they're well out of my budget for what I'm trying to achieve. That single lens blue laser is definitely something I'll look into and perhaps I'll aim for a T-Bar or two over the cross bar. Thanks again bud.
  4. Hey guys! Thinking of investing in the following products: 1x 2 Lens 500mW Blue Laser 2x Single Lens 100mW Violet Laser 1x 128 LED Strobe 1x Tripod Lighting Stand I'm not too sure where to start on a smoke machine, but I've a feeling I want around a 1500w one. Not too sure what's a good price to pay for something like that though? Also, I'd like one of those laser point projection lights (normally aimed at the ground), but in something other than green/red if possible? Anyway guys, do you think this would make for an okay setup? Mostly just playing in houses/sheds and occasionally down the bush at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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