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  1. Hey all, I am in the market to upgrade my mobile DJ speakers... I have had my current JBL 515XT's for about 5 years and personally although great sound, have had so many issues with them. Had to service them a number of times. I was recently introduced to LD Systems Maui 28 G2 and fell in love with them, especially the design of them and the look in a corporate or wedding scene, but I am a little sceptical about the output they would deliver. They are 1000W speakers but I just feel not able to deliver what I want in a larger hall or function centre. Was offered to purchase at $1200 each. I looked at the brand new QSC K12.2 boxes over the weekend and those things bloody pumped. 2000W output. I was offered $1250 each. In your opinions, what would you rather do in the 'mobile gig' world? Go for the classy look or remain old school then just go for power?
  2. At this stage I am stuck on using VDJ as my preferred midi software as my Pioneer XDJ-R1 is only compatible with VDJ. Having said that though, the VDJ 8 videos i have been watching are showing some fantastic things!
  3. www.djep.com is an alternative option!
  4. Here in SA, the group of mobile DJs I work with and I charge $550 for a 6 hour package and $50 ph thereafter. Christening, engagement, corporate event, cocktails, 21sts... For weddings we charge $750 to DJ or $800 as a DJ/MC.
  5. I second this. I also enquired, and was told not to waste money on a PPCA if I only do private gigs up to 300 ppl like a wedding ect... In regards to public liability, how would this be the DJ's responsibility? It should be covered by the event holder or the venue for example ?
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