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    Have been producing various types of music since 2008
    Studied a few courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production
    Worked as a sound engineer at a number of live shows
    Been making EDM for last few year with a friend
    Started DJing in 2010
    Played all different types of gigs from backyard parties, corporate events, Residence at well known Melbourne clubs and even a couple side stage gigs at festivals.
    Mainly focused on producing music these days ion my home studio set-up
    Massive gear head, spend hours trawling the net for info on new studio tech and DJ gear.
    Looking forward to network with some other DJ / Producers
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    To much to fit in my Studio lol
  1. After doing some more research I defiantly need to increase my budget, has anyone had much experience with Chauvet lights? in particular the Cubix 2.0 or Swarm4? I saw some videos on youtube and they look pretty cool but they seem to be more expensive then most, are they good quality?
  2. I have a few gigs coming up so I'd be happy to spend around $200 mark but I'd be happy to pay more for the right setup, anyone know of any specific lights that would be good to use?
  3. Very true but pretty much everything I've seen is LED and sound activated so again theres so much out there, whats good and whats not?
  4. Mobile DJ Lighting where to start? Hi Guys I'm looking for advice from some other Mobile DJ's out there on a good Lighting Setup. Im only just starting to get serious about Mobile DJ ing and want to get some lights that have some WOW factor but without breaking the budget, I've seen plenty of lights on eBay but I'm spoiled for choice and I'm a little sceptical to buy something from overseas. Anyone have some suggestions for a good combination of Mobile DJ Lights?
  5. Hi guys if you have a spare 5:37 check out a track I made Last year, still needs a proper mix down but you get the gist https://soundcloud.com/mau2dice/mau2dice-luminar
  6. Dyson88

    Hello ADJF

    Cheers for the warm welcome guys, I enjoy producing mainly Prog / Electro House and love listening to the Deep stuff!
  7. Dyson88

    Hello ADJF

    Hi All my name is Dyson I am new to the world of forums but I have been a DJ / Producing for a while now. I'm looking forward to getting and giving some helpful tips and advice on the wonderful world of DJing! Cheers
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