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  1. Boxman

    Hi ADJF

    Brisbane!! If there are any local residents on board willing to take me along to their gigs (like work experience haha) I'm more than keen to learn more about the other things associated with venue DJing. I understand that there's a big difference between jumping around in your bedroom or your friends parties and the REAL DEAL. I'd love to see first hand everything that happens in the background. I've started and will continue going clubbing just to study the DJ's and what they do.
  2. Boxman

    Hi ADJF

    Cheers guys! I got into Electronic music after playing guitar for 10 years. Still finding my own taste in this world, when I started I was right into whatever was going off at the time. Very commercial House music. Calvin harris David Guetta ect. I spent way too much time thinking about what people wanted to hear instead of what I enjoyed playing. In the last few months i've really gotten into minimal and laid back beats.
  3. Boxman

    Hi ADJF

    Hi Guys, DJ Boxman here, I've been playing around in my bedroom on my DDJT1 unit for around a year and a half now and I've decided it's time to take it to the next level and get more serious! I've already been lurking through old threads trying to learn as much as I can about breaking into the scene. I've got loads of questions, but I'll save them for the correct sections!
  4. Anyone got experience with skytech speakers? I've purchased 2x 15" 800w active speakers (SP1500A) and an 18" 1000w active sub(SMWA18PA) as a cheap start to a mobile DJ rig I'm setting up. They're no JBL's or anything but for the price so far I am really impressed. All up this setup has cost me under $1000 for all new parts. They make more than enough noise for any house party or small function. I'm yet to test them out over a long period of time though (4 or 5 hours continual use) so I'll see how they hold up then but so far I have to say I'm really impressed with what I've received for the money I've paid. Has anyone else used this gear before? what kind of experience have you had?
  5. Hey guys, I need some advice on what Audio gear will be suitable for Mobile use. I'm only just starting to take it more seriously and have started accumulating some equipment. I've been mixing around in my bedroom for a while now and want to start making some $$ and getting out there and having fun. I've got just about everything I need to get started, I just need a Sub. Currently I have Pioneer DDJT1 Decent Acer laptop with Traktor 2x 15" Skytek 800w active speakers (I know its cheap crap but I need to start somewhere) Assorted lights, smoke and lazers - Enough for house parties that's for sure. What are your suggestions for a cost effective sub? I would prefer active. Do you guys think this is enough gear to get started for local house parties?
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