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  1. got my beginner set up mate,cheers anyway. lots to learn, just looking for music everyware and trying to practice whenever I can cheers
  2. happy holidays. finally found my bargain,its old but fkn mint CDJ 200 (2) NUMARK DXMO6 HIGHLANDER SPEAKERS ( 2) 3 MONTHS OLD,UNDER WARRANTY with reciept GENUINE PIONEER HARD TRAVEL CASE ALL CABELLING AND MANUALS 63 CD'S- PSYTRANCE/HARD HOUSE- perfect- this gear is extreamly good condition for its age and a fkn bargain. $89, actually 2 cartons of CORONA on special from first choice liquer last week. starting to learn now cheers
  3. cheers mate, I get what your saying,but I cant afford a new Porsche yet,im happy with older gear to learn on and see how I go from there. ill get what I'm after for what I'm willing to pay,i nearly always do,just need to look everywhere and be patient. I'm looking for cdj 800's or 1000's now I think that's plenty good enough for around the $500 mark normally including a mixer. cheers
  4. still looking for a bargain cdj setup getting closer now
  5. cheers for the replies ,but I'm not spending $1000 + on something im not quite sure how to use. im not looking for a career change just a secondary sideline interest. got nothing else
  6. I'm thinking $500 for 2 cdj's and a mixer.......
  7. I know I'm new, but is that it, the cdj 100's are a complete waste of money? any other recommendations out there? cheers
  8. hey guys,still wading through all the info here,much to take in. ive had very little time using my mates setup and I'm thinking of buying a cheap setup to learn on,and my son has definitely shown some interest also. I'm thinking - PIONEER CDJ100 (X2) BEHRINGER VMX100 OR PIONEER DTM 300S MIXER unsure on amp and speakers atm home use only,not looking to spend heaps as I don't know what I'm doing.. happy to learn on cd's at this point this gear is getting old now but surely its good enough to learn the basics? does this older gear need servicing/maintanence? approximate prices/options for amp and speakers? approximately how much will I need to spend on the above 2nd hand gear? any help would be wild cheers
  9. hey guys, completely new to creating my own sounds,been using a mates pioneer cdj800's a few times now and looking to get my own setup. cheers
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